Wednesday, March 20, 2013

12 Week Update

Well I you don't follow me on Twitter or Facebook, then you may not have seen this news yet! 

We are super-duper excited about Baby #2, although it was quite unexpected.  If you have followed my blog for awhile, you may remember that it took 2 years of TTC (trying to conceive) with Emmalee.  So to see this pop up...
...completely unexpectedly, we were shocked...a very delightful, joyful shock - but a shock nonetheless.  So Baby #2 is due on October 2nd, although my doctor suspects we may have a September baby.  Emmalee is so excited and loves to talk about the baby.  If you ask her what's in mommy's belly, she will say "Emmie's baby."  Let's see if she feels the same way at 2 am when the baby actually gets here!

So here is the first official Baby Bump Update for Williams Baby #2!!!

How far along? 12 Weeks - almost finished with the 1st trimester!  WOOHOO!!

Size of baby: a little over 2" long - about the size of a lime. 

Total weight gain:2 pounds

Gender: ???

Movement:Not yet, but I can't wait until I do.

Sleep: Ok.  I am pretty tired so I usually go to bed not long after we put Emmalee down - between 9 - 9:30 every night. But I'm already up once or twice during the night to go to the bathroom.

Maternity clothes: Some. My "regular" clothes are pretty tight already, so I either wear maternity or use my bellybands.

Symptoms: All of them!  Nausea, bloating, heartburn, acid reflux, headaches, fatigue, sore breasts, growing belly, food craving and aversions...the list goes on and on!!!  I will say that the nausea is finally beginning to fade and I could not be more thankful, but the rest of the list is in full swing.

Cravings:Every day is completely different. Yesterday all I wanted was a greek salad.  Today, I want Pei Wei, and who knows what I'll crave tomorrow.

What I miss: Feeling good.  I had a great pregnancy with Emmalee and always felt good.  This pregnancy is completely different.  I just don't feel "good". 

Best moment from the past week:Getting my fetal doppler in the mail and hearing the baby's heartbeat.

What I’m looking forward to: Hopefully beginning to feel better as I enter the 2nd trimester.

I will say my belly is definitely out there already.  Its true what they say - you definitely get bigger faster when its your 2nd.