Thursday, November 29, 2007

Great News about Zac

I'm so glad to tell you that there is light at the end of the tunnel! Zac had surgery this morning on his upper arm to try and repair the bones and tendons. The surgery went extremely well and depending on how he is feeling tomorrow, there is a great chance Amy and Zac will finally be able to go home this weekend!

Thank you all so much for your prayers! Amy and Zac have said numorous time that they can feel the Spirit with them each and every moment of each and every day. God has been Good.


Friday, November 23, 2007

The First Williams Thanksgiving!

So, it was a glorious day in our household, not because our mouths were wartering at the most delicious foods, but becasue we were going to the most amazing places known to man on Thanksgiving Day...The Cowboys Game!!!!

Brant's birthday in on Sunday, the 25th, so I surprised him with two tickets to the Cowboys Game. It was a blast, although we literally froze our tushies off in the snow! Our Thanksgiving was filled with McDonald's for lunch and nachos for dinner! I though I would upload a few pictures for everyone to see!

Ashanti sang the National Anthem.

This was the half time show.

Kelly Clarkson performed.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Antoher Update on Zac

Again, the update below was sent to me by Amy. Let's just praise the Lord that He is healing!

Hello everyone,
I just wanted to give everyone an update. Sorry its taken me so long but I wanted some answers before hand. Some of you may know already but here goes...

Zac had surgery on Thursday to repair the top of his hand/wrist area, the doctor repaired all the bones and tendons. They took tendons from his left foot to replace the missing ones. There was a lot of bone work done but I cant remember specifics. Anyway they put a plate in his wrist to stablize it so the bones have time to heal. They took a flap from this left thigh (from hip to knee) to repair what was missing on his hand. They also took a skin graft from his left thigh to help w/ the repairs. In about 3-4 months they will remove the plate and see how well the wrist is able to hold up, from there they will determine if any further surgeries are needed on this area.

On Friday morning we had a small set back. The doctor was paged about 4 am because Zac was having a lot of swelling on his leg at the donor site. This was caused by a hematoma, a blood vessel was leaking and caused a large amount of blood to pool. By the time they took him to surgery, it looked like he had a football on his hip! The surgery was successful, they took about a unit of blood from this area. Because of this we were in ICU another night. On Saturday we were moved back to a regular room.

He is doing pretty good now. Yesterday was the first day he had been up since the surgery. Today he was able to walk around the room. Tomorrow he will start physical therapy on his hand to get the tendons to working. I feel like we are finally seeing some progress! The doctor informed us this evening that they will allow orthopedics to perform surgery on his upper arm next week. This is a good sign because the plastic surgeons would not allow ortho to come in if they weren't confident about the flap area. They still have not given us a timetable of when we may come home just because everyday there are changes, both good and bad. Even though its hard not knowing, I don't want a false hope and be disappointed if they give us a date and it doesn't work out.

Also today Zac got the staples out of his head, he still has a lot of stiches but they will come out soon enough.

We are doing good! We just want to be well enough to come home without any complications! We are so ready to be home, it will be hard this week because of Thanksgiving but he is alive and we can celebrate that no matter where we are!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! Eat lots of yummy food!:)


Friday, November 16, 2007

Me? An Entrepreneur?

ABSOLUTELY! Most of you probably know that I have a full time job in Las Colinas, but for so long, I have had a desperate desire to do something fun that allow me to help others. So, I have become a business-owner. How? In direct sales for Swiss Colony Occasions!

The Swiss Colony has been around for over 82 years and has a solid reputation for the best and most delicious flavors of cheese, chocolate, sausage and everything in between! Swiss Colony Occasions is a direct sales line for The Swiss Colony and began about a year and a half ago. They offer delicious food and mixes, serving pieces, and gorgeous home decor.

Yes, I still have a full time job, but my goal for Swiss Colony is that within one year, I can completely substitute my income with Swiss Colony Occasions. For the first time since college, I finally have set goals for myself and I love conquering the challenge. The Swiss Colony Occasions party is your basic girls night out! We enjoy chocolate fondue or an array of cheeses and dips! It's a night of relaxation, girl-time and shopping - what could be better?

If you, or anyone you know would be interested in learning more about Swiss Colony Occasion or hosting a Girls Night Out party, please let me know. I have loved getting started in this business and want to share it with everyone I know!!!
To view some of our products, visit
Love you all,

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ethan Parker

I just thought I share a picture of my nephew Baby Ethan with you. He will be five weeks old tomorrow and is doing great. He is healthy and happy.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Yes, I have it, and I've always had it! I want a sweet little baby all to myself to hug on, and kiss on - yes, I want a beautiful, playful baby puppy! Our friends, Ryan and Kristy, Jon and Melissa, and Andy and Corey all have them, and now Ryan and Krsity are having some more - and I WANT ONE!!! However, my sweet dear husband does not :(

Here's a little background on the situation. I have alwasy had dogs - I grew up with them sleeping in my bed and playing with me outside. Brant, on the other hand, grew up with cats. Now I am not a very "catty" type person, but when Brant and I began dating, he had a cat name Kai and I had a dog named Buddy. Now Kai lived with Brant, but Buddy lived my mom and dad. So when we bought a house, Kai came with Brant, but somehow, Buddy didn't come with me. So now, here I am for the first time in my life without a dog and I don't like it so much. I NEED one, but my husband doesn't exactly feel the same way...oops!

So fellow wives, I am asking a very crucial question: How do you get a man to agree with you in order to get what you want?????

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Update on Zac

The following is an email I received today from Amy, my cousin who is Zac's wife.

Hello everyone,
I just wanted to give an update on Zac.

We are at Zale Lipshy in Dallas, which is part of UT Southwestern Medical Center.
We found out today the plastic surgery will be first, they are going to take skin from his upper thigh to repair his right hand. He has no skin from his knuckles to about 2 inches past his wrist, this area is down to the bone, he has lost a lot of tendons that make his hand and fingers work. This surgery will probably be time consuming because they are hooking up blood vessels from the hand to the new skin. He will be watched closely after this to make sure the skin took. Hopefully he will have surgery tomorrow or Monday. And they may try to repair his scalp. He was scalped during the accident and the doctor in Tyler was able to piece it back together pretty good but there is still work to be done, but they are very positive that the head will be back to normal. They will give him 5-7 days before trying to do the next surgery which an orthopedic surgeon will repair the brake in his upper arm. He is missing about a 2-3 inch piece of bone due to the accident, so his arm will be shorter. But the good news is when they repair the brake, they will put in a plate to secure the area to help the bones grow together. He will not be in a cast and will be able to move his shoulder and elbow. All this is on the right hand and he is right handed so he will have to learn to be left handed. This is a very time consuming process and we probably will have much more to come w/ physical therapy and doctors visits. All the doctors are very nice. They have assigned 3 doctors to do the plastic surgery which I like! The more the merrier:)!

I am doing good, the room we have in has a couch/twin bed and a full bath so I am able to stay will him. I feel much better knowing I am right here with him. Zac is in good spirits! The nurses really like him b/c he is so nice, which is crazy b/c he is under so much pain. We both really appreciate all the prayers! We have felt them from the beginning. I know God is in control and this has happened for a reason. Even more so b/c I have stayed so calm throughout all this, which is unusual for me b/c I am a worrier. But God has given me a great peace about all of this! God is GOOD!!!! Zac is alive and we are both grateful for that!

Strange enough Thanksgiving is around the corner. This time last year Zac was home from Iraq and it was the best Thanksgiving ever. But I believe this one will far exceed last year! We are so thankful to have him with us! God has great plans for him and I can't wait to see what is come!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My First Burnt Dinner

So yesterday was a milestone...I had my first burnt dinner. And this is my FIRST burnt dinner - not just since I have been married, but EVER!!!

Preface - I LOVE my crockpot and the idea of putting something on to cook before I leave, and its ready when I come home!!!

Story: So, my precious crockpot came with a cookbook and since I have never made a recipe out of it, I decided Brant and I need a new dinner. So, I found this simple recipe for Swiss Chicken Casserole and decided that it would be great. So, I made my grocery list and went to the store Sunday afternoon, making sure I purchased each little item for my new recipe. Monday morning, I put each ingredient in the crockpot, just as the recipe more, no the perfect order. Turned my crockpot on low, set the time for 8 hours, and out the door I went. Now mind you, I was looking forward to this great dinner ALL day long - I couldn't wait to get home and have my house filled with the delicious aroma of slow-cooked chicken and vegetables!

So I pulled in the garage and before I even shut my car door, the door opened and my husband's solemn face appeared. "So, you want me to take you out for dinner?" I, of course never thinking that my perfectly made dinner would be burnt said "Wall of course not. Dinner should already be ready!" "Well," says my sweet dear in them most sincere voice, "I think you might should take a look at it." I was devastated! My crockpot had burnt, and not just a little bit burnt, but charred my precious Swiss Chicken Casserole. My life as June Cleaver had come to an end! So Chinese it was - ordered and delivered promptly by Mr. Wok.

Wise words to my new and soon-to-be-brides...don't always trust the crockpot!

With love and humility,

Monday, November 5, 2007

Praying for Zac

sPlease join me in prayer for my cousin, Zac.

I just heard word from my family that my cousin's husband, Zac, was in a terrible accident this weekend. My cousin, Amy, and Zac have been married a few years, and in October of 2005, he was sent to Iraq with the US Military. Zac is back in the US, but went on an Active Duty Training Exercize over the weekend. Ont he way back, he was in a 5-ton army vehicle when the driver of the armored truck fell asleep, rolling the verhicle. Zac was crushed and is not in critical condition.

As of now, it is certain that he has lost the use of his right arm, and could possible have to have his right hand removed. His scalp was scraped very badly on the concrete, so he has some head damage, but it should not impair his brain activity.

Please keep Zac and Amy in your prayers during this time.

UPDATE: Good news, there is a chance that Zac will have some movement in his right arm, but will porbably never have full use of it. However, he will need many skin graphs and surgeries to repair his hand, arm, and scalp.

My mom and dad have seen Amy and say that she is in great spirits and very hopful. Again, pray for her that she will have peace and an encourageing spirit for her husband.

"Honey, I bought you a surprise."

Oh, how I love to hear these words and I get overjoyed at the sound of them. My husband rarely buys me "treats" so when the occasion comes that I receive one, I can't contain myself.

Now, let me preface this story by saying that this was on Monday, after a VERY long, tiring weekend - I had a garage sale, went to a wedding, hosted a Swiss Colony Party, did laundry, cleaned my house...the list goes on. So after this weekend, I came down with a horrible cough and was aching all over.

So, imagine my excitement when my sweet hubby came home after work and the first words out of his mouth were "Honey, I bought you a surprise." Here is how the conversation went:
B: Honey, I bought you a surprise.
A: You did - what is it?
B: Hang on, you'll see.
A: Now is this a surprise you actually got for me, or something for you and I get the joy of helping you with?
B: No, this is just for you. Let me get it ready.....Ok, Close your eyes and hold your arms up.
So I closed my eyes and help up my arms. A second later, I could hear a "Beep" and felt something thrown in my lap.
B: Ok, OPEN! Do you like it?
A: Oh Brant, it's a nice...heating pad"

Ok, ladies, seriously??? Here I am thinking flowers? My favorite candy? A new sweater? Something, but a heating pad? His reasoning: "I knew you were achy and not feeling good, so I thought it would be great for you to relax with. And look at this awesome control - there are 7 different settings!"

I guess I have now discovered a new lesson: Women love sweet, thoughtful gifts. Men, they're practical!


Friday, November 2, 2007

Oh, the new realms of technology

Ok, so I've never blogged in all of my life and I never thought that I would, but I have fallen in love with other people's blogs. I love reading them and pondering over them. What joy it brings me to share in the lives of my friends who I can't always be with.

So, here we go - out to write a blog. However, the most crucial of questions: What in the world am I supposed to write in this blog???? I have no clue to be quite honest, but I thought I would at least begin with my most favorite topic (at least for the moment) - MARRIAGE! I married my "Mr.Right" a few months ago, but let me tell you ladies - he is not always "Mr. Right." I am discovering that he can also be "Mr. Disgusting," "Mr. Annoying," and "Mr. Messy." I did not sign up for being a maid!!! Amazingly enough though, all of his "issues" has brought me closer to my God. How in the world does my husband leaving his dirty, stinky, mud-soaked clothes all over my nicely vacummed floor bring me closer to the Lord, you might ask: because I know that I can't be his maid, I have the honor of being his wife. And yes, my dear friends, requires me to love my sweet husband through the love of my Lord, not always with my own.

Ok, so I have painted you an honest picture of my love, Brant, but marriage has been wonderful. I love coming home everyday from work knowing that I will see him soon and knowing that I don't have to leave his apartment at 10:00. Some might acutally say that I have become an old lady since getting married because I go to bed at 9:30 now - rather than the 11:00 I was used to. I love cooking, and never having to be by myself if I don't want to be. I love my huband, and I love being married to him!

So I have successfully blogged and I hope that throught his experience, you get to see a bit of my heart - the true inner peice of me that makes me "tick". But also send me your blogs because I want to know all about you too. What makes you "tick?", what makes your heart "flutter"?

I love you all and I hope that the Lord blesses your day!