Monday, October 27, 2014

Day 21: 31 Days to An Adventure-Filled Life


Its one of those things that we all want to go on, but are all afraid of the unknown that lies ahead.  Lately, my adventures have been exercise related, and Sunday was my first BIG adventure.  It was my first race - EVER!  And I did it!!!!

It was one of the BEST adventures I have ever been on.  It was so great that I'm ready for another one!  But I won't lie to you - I was so nervous and scared of signing up for this race in the beginning.  I had no idea what would lie ahead.  I had no idea if I could even do it, but I was willing to try.  And this adventure did not disappoint! 

So today, my 31 Day favorite is all about living a life of adventure!  The series 31 Days to An Adventure Filled Life is such a fantastic series written by Christy Lane of Lane Letters. 

I think one of my most favorite days in this is day 6:  Being Interruptible.  I guess I never thought about "allowing" people to interrupt me.  Let's get real:  with children the ages 3 and 1, the last thing I want to deal with when I'm cleaning the house or doing the dishes is interruptions.  But what if those little "inconveniences" lead us on a great journey together? I just love that thought, that maybe life's little "bothers" are the best things that ever happen to us? 

So I STRONGLY encourage you to go read this series.  I KNOW that I want an adventure filled life.  What about you? 


Lisa Healy said...

Hooray for BIG exercise adventures! Way to go!

Denise Dilley said...

Congrats on your first race! ��

sarah may said...

You look so familiar!? Hmmm....

Sarah Marie said...

That's so exciting!! Congrats on undertaking something so exciting and completing it!

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