Thursday, November 6, 2014

Day 25: 31 Days Love Where You Live

Y'all, I love traveling! I love going to new place and discovering new things.  But we don't always have to travel far to find these discoveries because sometime, they are in our backyard.  

Whether you live in a big city or a little town, every community has a story and has history.  But how often do we take the time to actually hear the story or see the history?  Are there historical sites in your city; did someone famous grow up there; is there a big defining moment for your little dot on the map? 

I fell in love with Kailey's 31 Day series almost as soon as I found it. 
Maybe it's because we both live in North Texas, but I loved this series from Living In The Rain.  This series is exactly what the title says: its loving the place where you live.  This series makes me want to try new places and new foods, and truly DISCOVER the place where I life. 

So I hope you'll browse through this series.  Find your favorite little shopping boutique in the middle of your city square; discover a new little coffee shop; learn how your city got its start...just love the place your live!

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