Monday, July 28, 2014

Motivation Manu Monday

Its Motivation Menu Monday, and I am DESPERATE for your motivation.  I was thrilled to jump on the scale last week and be down another 1.6lbs, bringing my total weight loss to 12.8 lbs in just  5 weeks...

...then we went to visit grandparents.....

...and grandparents spoil you with delicious southern homecookin'...

...and that southern home-cookin' includes PIE!  ....

....and that PIE added some of those lost pounds back on!!!!!!

So today I'm blazing the trail back to get those extra 3.4 lbs back off!  This of course is a two-part adventure, so here is:

Part 1:  WORKOUTS!

Monday:  Cycling - approx. 14mi loop
Tuesday:  Cycling - approx. 12mi trail
Wednesday:  20 min. treadmill/weight lifting
Thursday:  Cycling - approx. 12 mi trail
Friday:  Rest
Saturday:  Group cycling (usually 20-30 mi.)
Sunday:  Rest

Part 2:  THE MENU!

Monday: Lemon pepper grilled chicken with roasted veggies
Tuesday: Salmon Croquettes with roasted broccoli and sliced new potatoes  (This will thrill my of his personal favorites!!  You can find the recipe I use here)

Wednesday:  Roasted Chicken and basalmic peppers with spinach salad & green beans  (this is one of my favorite Cooking Light recipes!  I've posted about it several times & you can find the recipe here.)

Thursday:  Pork ribs with squash/zucchini medley & roasted potatoes
Friday: Veggie pizza night

BUT...if you want to know what is really motivating me this week, take a look at this good-looking man!  My husband started his weight-loss journey back in January and is training to do his first sprint-tri in September.  He is down almost 50 lbs!!!!!  I cannot sing his praises enough!!!

Here is a before and after!

He is definitely motivation for me!  I can't wait to say that I've lost 50 lbs too!!!!!  That's only 39.5 more to go!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Life Lately

Most of you know that I love to scrapbook, but I have been so bad about keeping up with it.  But for some reason, the past two weeks I have been on a scrappin' craze!!!!!  Here are a few of my favorite pages that I've been working on.

Super Seven {Months}

Rain or Shine

Just My Style

Love this Girl

 Lil Turkey

 You Are My Sunshine

Kilauea Lighthouse

Singing In the Rain

 Where’s Emmy?

Becoming Big Sister

My Heart

DBU Patriots

Beauty of the Sea

Be My Valentine


Monday, July 7, 2014

Motiviation & Menu Monday

Motivation Monday
Well I'm officially on my 3rd week of a "new" lifestyle of being more active and improving my overall health.  I've somehow hurt my ankle (don't ask me how b/c I have no clue) but its impossible to run at the moment.  So, I've taken up cycling and really love it.  I think it reminds me of being a kid again.  I love riding my bike as a kid, so this bring back so many memories for me.  The best part is that I can hook up the bike trailer and take my kids with me...not to mention the added weight of pulling 2 kids and a trailer make for a nice workout!

But on this lovely week 3 I've had my first "friend" since getting pregnant, so the bloating and water-retention is unreal.  I've gone up, down and all-around on the scale, so I've decided that I shouldn't weigh myself until its all over.  As of last Friday, I was down 9.8lbs from when I began!  Almost 10 lbs in 2.5 weeks - I'LL TAKE IT!!! 

This week's workout schedule is pretty up-in-the-air since I'm hoping my heel will heal soon.  I need to keeping running and doing my C25K routine since I'm supposed to be running a 5K in September.  Although I love cycling, I still need to run.  So as of right now, I'm just going to cycle every day until I can get back on the running trail.  I've averaging about 10 miles per workout, and try to keep an average pace of 14-15 MPH, and on a mountain bike that is not the easiest thing to do. 

I'm super excited about Saturday morning.  The Lifetime fitness by our house has a cycling group and you do not have to be a member of the club to participate.  The second Saturday of every month they have a "newbie" ride for those just getting accustomed to cycling.  So I have it on my calendar to attend this weeks "newbie" ride.  I am so excited about it.  

Menu Monday

One thing I'm struggling with our menu on is keeping low-fat dinners on the table, but still introducing a nice variety of items.  If you have some good ideas or know of some tasty, but low-fat recipes, send them my way!!

Here's our menu this week:
Monday - Grilled chicken, roasted new potatoes & spinach & kale salad
Tuesday - Turkey taco salad
Wednesday - Seasoned short ribs in the slow-cooker with roasted broccoli  (I love this recipe...although I'll be deleting the BBQ sauce this time around and just flavoring with a spice rub)
Thursday - Baked chicken & veggies w/ a spinach & kale salad
Friday - Pizza night.  I think we'll make our own pizza instead of order out.  All of these veggies look delicious!