Monday, April 25, 2016

Some days are easy, some days are not

It's crazy to think that its been 6 months since we found out that we lost our baby.  I remember right after we found out I would wake up and think to myself, "ok, I've made it a week." or "Woah, its been a month."  The days got easier, but I still think about it often. 

My due date was May 14th.  Because of my pregnancies with the girls, I had a feeling he or she would have been a late-April baby.  And here we are.  It's late April now.  Today we have a routine follow-up appointment with Madeline's urologist.  I remember when I made the appointment I thought to myself "Ok, either I will be REALLY pregnant, or we'll have newborn accompanying us to the appointment."  But the Lord had different plans.

And although I wish that I was celebrating a new life, I also believe that His plan is still better. 

If you have traveled, or are traveling, the road of infant loss or miscarriage, please know that you are not alone and you are prayed for. There is always a longing, and place in your heart for the life that only you knew.  My prayer for me, and for you, is that the Lord fills that place in my heart with joy! 

Joy because I  know that I will meet my child in Glory one day.  Joy because He is I Am.  Joy because, even though my heart is still sad, I am blessed by smiling faces!