Thursday, November 24, 2011

Give Thanks

Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, And into his courts with praise: Give thanks unto him, and bless his name.

For Jehovah is good; his lovingkindness endureth for ever, And his faithfulness unto all generations. (Psalm 100:4, 5 ASV)

Friday, November 18, 2011

A Little Turkey

Happy Fall Y'all! 

There is a special little turkey in my house right now!

Isn't this onesie precious?  A friend of mine, Heather Adler, has a small clothing company called "Simply Royalty."  She has adorable stuff at great prices!  Check out her stuff - I know you won't be disappointed!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Giggle, Giggle

I took this video last night of Brant and Emmalee.  He had her laughing so much it just cracked me up.  If there is one thing that warms a momma's heart, it is seeing the love between a father and his daughter.  Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Super Seven {Months}

Notice how I can't put the day and how old she is on paper anymore...she tries to eat it!!!

That's right sweet baby girl,
You are seven months old.  I still can't believe those words are coming out of my mouth because it seems like just yesterday you were born.  Last night your daddy and I were talking about how this has truly been the best 7 months of our lives. You are still one of the happiest babies I have ever met.  You really don't cry much at all, even when your teeth hurt, you are still happy!

You are wearing mostly 6-9 month clothes and a size 2 diaper.  You still go to bed between 7:30 and 8:00 at night and wake up around 6:30.  Sometimes on the weekends you snuggle up with momma and sleep until 7:30 or 8.  We love snuggling up together.  You eat about 24 oz. of formula every day and have 2 solid feedings a day.  You love to eat just about anything but your favorite fruit is bananas.

You are doing so many new things these days.  You sat up all on your own yesterday and you can sit completely unsupported.  You are going to start crawling any day.  You already have the army crawl down, and you'll get up on all 4's, you just don't know quite how to move them yet.  Some of your favorite things are your toys, the remote control, daddy's phone, your bunny and your blanket...oh, and you are in love with Dax.  You think he is the funniest puppy and you love to pet him. 

Being your momma and daddy is the most amazing opportunity and we feel so blessed to have you as our precious daughter These past 7 months have been the best of our lives.

Love you sweet baby,

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Tricks!

Brant was gone last night, but Emmalee learned something new, so we made a video just for our daddy! Here is one sweet little girl sitting up all on her very own!

Monday, November 14, 2011

A New Beginning

So I guess I failed on #NovemberBlogFest!  We were so busy this past weekend that blogging was not the first thing on my mind. 

On Saturday morning, we got up early and headed out to Plano where Brant's sister lives.  Kristie is a single mom and just bought a new house for her and her son, Aeson.  We were so excited for them and I know this is there perfect new beginning! 

Thisd is Kristie's new house - it is literally PERFECT for them.  It is in a nice neighborhood with lots of kids for Aeson to make friends with, a huge backyard for him to run and play, and a great layout for the two of them.  My favorite part of this house is the kitchen.  It has the drawer pull-outs in the cabinets.  Now I'm begging Brant to re-do my kitchen with these new drawers! 

After we left the new house, we went shopping in the downtown area and had some lunch.  Kristie was giving Emmalee a new "tasty" treat.  It was quite funny because I expected this disgusted face, but she loved it.  Of course the mom in me was worried about seeds, but all was well and this little girl found her new favorite food!

After lunch we went back to Kristie's house to help her pack and get ready for the move.  Emmalee had fun playing with her cousin, Aeson and of course loved getting to see Nana and GrandBob! 

Whe needs a bow when you can wear GrandBob's hat?

Well I hope your weekend was as fun as ours was! 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Things That Make Me Happy

My new iPhone4 makes me SUPER happy!!!!

This little turkey makes my heart incredibly happy!!!!!

The fajitas we had for dinner tonight made my tummy happy!

Spending a great evening with friends makes me happy!



Thursday, November 10, 2011

Incredible Edible...


Today I found a fabulous website  called Everything Your Mama Made (& More).  It is fantastic!  There are all kinds of DIY projects and crafts, including an whole list of link for edible gifts mixes of teas, coffees, breads, cakes, cookies - you name it! 

It, of course, gave me some great ideas for people like corworkers, neighbors and friends.  Here is the link for all of the "Gift in a Jar" recipes - 354 of them to be exact.  I think I'm going to make the Spiced Team Mix and Cinnamon Pancake Mix  - a perfect breakfast combination!  And for myself, I might make the Pumpkin Pie Coffee creamer because that just sounds DELICIOUS! 

This website also has tons of sewing projects and tutorials, crochet and knitting patterns, and great gift ideas.  I'm so thrilled to find this website - I have a feeling I will visit it often!


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

He's My Hero

This past week/weekend were crazy and busy.  I was shopping all day Saturday in Canton, church Sunday morning and a baby shower in Dallas Sunday afternoon.  So needless to say I was not hardly at home.  I usually do all of the laundry and grocery shopping during the weekend, but since I was gone, I knew that it wasn't going to happen.  But this amazing man stepped in!!!

Over the weekend Brant did all of the laundry and grocery shopping for me!

 Then last night, he emptied the dishwasher and cleaned the kitchen for me. 

Can I just say I am one of the luckiest women alive!!!

And this baby girl sure does have the best daddy, ever! 


Monday, November 7, 2011

Do you...

...see this little girl? 

I could just eat her up!!! 


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Workin' Weekend

So I completely forgot to post on Saturday - way to go #Novemberblogfest!  But I'm trying to get better. 

But we certainly have had a busy weekend.  Friday night we had a mixer group at our house and had a great fellowship time, complete with some award willing chili!  Emmalee and I went to Canton with some of the ladies in my Sunday School class on Saturday.  We had such a great time and she was a PERFECT angel the entire day!  After church on Sunday Emmalee and I went to a baby shower for Nicole, the wife of my former boss, Adam.  Everyone had a fit over Emmalee and how precious she is.

This evening I've been working on a few new dresses for Emmalee and some new baby shower invitations and cards for a few clients.   

Thursday, November 3, 2011

And then you Grieve

This morning I had no idea what to blog about.  It's November Blogfest (a commitment to blog everyday) and I like when my blog posts are happy, but today is not a happy day.  Today I just feel like grieving.

I am a firm believer that God gives everyone spiritual gifts.  They all have their pros and sometimes they have their cons, but its true that we all have them.  I have always had the give of mercy and compassion.  I have loved having this gift in working with teens.  Heck, I first started teaching high school girls all because I was a youth camp counselor.  One the last night - "decision night" - there was a group of junior girls who were huddled around on the floor together crying and praying.  The camp speaker, Jarrell Altic, came over to me and asked me if those girls were in my group and I said "no", but they were from my church.  And he looked me in the eyes and said "You need to counsel them."   

It was that night when I truly "embraced" the gift of mercy and compassion, and have sought to use that gift ever since.  I love people and when people are hurting, I hurt with them.  And it seems that in the past few months, my heart has been hurting for so many. 

If you have ever read Jamsie Beats the Tumor then you have probably cried out for this family.  Their 8 month old son died of a brain tumor in July.  I hate reading the blog because I can't stand the thought of this happening to me, but I hurt for Kara, the mother.  My heart is broken for her.  Some days I just want to drive to her house (only because she lives in Dallas) and hold her and cry with her.  

Then there is a friend of mine from high school.  We went to high school and church together.  He and his wife Lindsay were high school sweethearts.  I knew Lindsay and her sister, Devon.   I remember getting to know them at youth camp and remember how beautiful the love was between Gabe and Lindsay way.  They eventually got married and had two boys, Brody and Cash.  This past August, Lindsay past away due to complications with pneumonia.  Gabe is left to raise his two boys (3 and 11 months at the time) alone without his high school sweetheart.  Gabe started a blog called Part of the Miracle and every time I read his posts my heart breaks for him.  I have cried for him and for those sweet boys who will grow up without their momma. 

Then today, I learned about Natalie.  Natalie was one of the church secretaries where I used to go to church.  She was one of the sweetest people I have ever met with the biggest, brightest smile.  Natalie and her husband were expecting their first baby - a girl - any day now.  But the Lord had other plans and decided that sweet baby needed to be in Heaven.  Last night Natalie had to deliver her daughter; a daughter who didn't have a heartbeat.  So today I, again, feel completely broken.  I have cried tears for this family who lost their first child.  I can only imagine how their celebration and anticipation turned to brokenness and despair. 

I look at pictures of my daughter and I cry.  I cry because I am so thankful because she is here and healthy; but I cry because I wish so badly that others had the ones they love here and healthy.  I cry for the mommas whos' arms ache to hold their babies; I cry for a father who's arms long to hold his wife; I cry for children who cry out in the night for their mom to come and rock them back to sleep. 

So today I write this post and beg for your mercy; for your prayers.  Will you please pray for these families?  Will you pray that the Lord will rain down His peace and comfort on these families?  Will you pray for these mommas who cry for their babies?  Will you pray for a daddy who tries to explain why momma isn't here anymore?  I know I am  - the mercy in me is crying out to my Savior to heal hearts and brokenness.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Oh "good gravey Marie" it has been a busy week!  I feel like the past few days have flown by and I havne't gotten a thing done! 

Last week I said I was going to participate in Tricia Nae's 30 day photo challenge - well I'm sure you can see how well that is going.  Maybe if I was a SAHM I would have more time to take pictures, but I'm not and I don't! 

And speaking of Tricia Nae, she and I FINALLY met!  Ever since we "met" in the blogsphere we have said we were going to get together - I mean we live pratically around the corner from each other, went to the same university, both love digital scrapbooking and blog designin...I mean seriously we have to be kindred spirits!  So we finally met last Thrusday and had dinner - its was FABULOUS!  I love meeting new friends.

Friday we went out of town to see my grandmother in Shreveport.  She recently had surgery so we thought it was time for a visit and she was dying to see Emmalee.  We had ag reat time and Emmalee loved getting to see her Meme.  We headed home Saturday night so we could teach our Sunday School classes on Sunday morning.  After church, Em and I took a nice 2 hour nap together, but then I had to clean the house and get ready for the week.

Monday night was Mason's last 7th grade football game so we had to go see it.  He is such an awesome kid and his team is so great!  they had their first loss Monday night, but they are still district champions!  Go Tigers!!!!  As soon as the game was over Sister brought the kids over to my house so everyone could go trick-or-treating.  We live in a big, older neighborhood with tons of kids so it is really great for trick-or-treating.  I stayed at my hosue to hand out candy while Mom and Sister took the kids around.  They took Em in her stroller simply because she loves to be outside.  She was zonked out when they got back. 

I've been obssessed with leg warmers lately!  I don't know about you but I love being in my comfy "play" clothes - we called them play clothes when I was a kid and I guess I never got the term out of my head.  So I figured Em is probably the same way - so lets be comfy in a onesie but I hate for her to get cold I got leg warmers.  They are so perfect for her since she is all over the floor and trying to crawl.  I found these at Hobby Lobby, of all places, and she HAD to have them!!! 

Then I found a new FABULOUS website, TDazzled - ever been there?  Well I found these adorable crib shoes.  My sister has been giving me grief lately for Emmalee not having a lot of shoes.  So, I have been looking for some but I'm not a huge fan of sqeaky finding shoes that are versatile but comfortable has been harder than I thought.  But I found these precious things for only $3 on TDazzled.  Too cute! 
I might have also gotten some new leg warmers from there and some zebra boots and a crochet pink hat!  They have a ton of different stuff and for great prices - go check it out!  They have hats, bows, tutus, shoes, lega warmers...and the list goes on and on! 

On Tuesday I was looking on FB and Twitter at everyone's Halloween pictures and saw this.

I just LOVE it!!!!  Y'all know my addiction to CFA so I was just in awe of this.  So I begged Brant to let Emmalee be a Chick-FIl-A cow next year and he agreed! My word I can't wait !  She is going to be so stinkin' cute!  Love it! 

Ok - well I guess that is enough of my randomness for the day.  Back to work!