Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Oh "good gravey Marie" it has been a busy week!  I feel like the past few days have flown by and I havne't gotten a thing done! 

Last week I said I was going to participate in Tricia Nae's 30 day photo challenge - well I'm sure you can see how well that is going.  Maybe if I was a SAHM I would have more time to take pictures, but I'm not and I don't! 

And speaking of Tricia Nae, she and I FINALLY met!  Ever since we "met" in the blogsphere we have said we were going to get together - I mean we live pratically around the corner from each other, went to the same university, both love digital scrapbooking and blog designin...I mean seriously we have to be kindred spirits!  So we finally met last Thrusday and had dinner - its was FABULOUS!  I love meeting new friends.

Friday we went out of town to see my grandmother in Shreveport.  She recently had surgery so we thought it was time for a visit and she was dying to see Emmalee.  We had ag reat time and Emmalee loved getting to see her Meme.  We headed home Saturday night so we could teach our Sunday School classes on Sunday morning.  After church, Em and I took a nice 2 hour nap together, but then I had to clean the house and get ready for the week.

Monday night was Mason's last 7th grade football game so we had to go see it.  He is such an awesome kid and his team is so great!  they had their first loss Monday night, but they are still district champions!  Go Tigers!!!!  As soon as the game was over Sister brought the kids over to my house so everyone could go trick-or-treating.  We live in a big, older neighborhood with tons of kids so it is really great for trick-or-treating.  I stayed at my hosue to hand out candy while Mom and Sister took the kids around.  They took Em in her stroller simply because she loves to be outside.  She was zonked out when they got back. 

I've been obssessed with leg warmers lately!  I don't know about you but I love being in my comfy "play" clothes - we called them play clothes when I was a kid and I guess I never got the term out of my head.  So I figured Em is probably the same way - so lets be comfy in a onesie but I hate for her to get cold I got leg warmers.  They are so perfect for her since she is all over the floor and trying to crawl.  I found these at Hobby Lobby, of all places, and she HAD to have them!!! 

Then I found a new FABULOUS website, TDazzled - ever been there?  Well I found these adorable crib shoes.  My sister has been giving me grief lately for Emmalee not having a lot of shoes.  So, I have been looking for some but I'm not a huge fan of sqeaky finding shoes that are versatile but comfortable has been harder than I thought.  But I found these precious things for only $3 on TDazzled.  Too cute! 
I might have also gotten some new leg warmers from there and some zebra boots and a crochet pink hat!  They have a ton of different stuff and for great prices - go check it out!  They have hats, bows, tutus, shoes, lega warmers...and the list goes on and on! 

On Tuesday I was looking on FB and Twitter at everyone's Halloween pictures and saw this.

I just LOVE it!!!!  Y'all know my addiction to CFA so I was just in awe of this.  So I begged Brant to let Emmalee be a Chick-FIl-A cow next year and he agreed! My word I can't wait !  She is going to be so stinkin' cute!  Love it! 

Ok - well I guess that is enough of my randomness for the day.  Back to work! 

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Tricia Nae said...

Don't feel bad about the challenge. I work from home and still have a hard time remembering to do it!! I didn't even start on day 1. Ha. Lame!!

I had so much fun at dinner. Y'all were both TOO sweet. Can't wait to see ya again.

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