Monday, November 17, 2014

Faithful Finish Line

Life...Life has been insanely busy lately that I don't think I've had to even post about my exciting adventure in the Faithful Finish Line! 

If you've read my blog lately then you know how excited I was when I completed my first duathlon in October.  It was a huge ordeal for me to even do something so crazy because I am the "Couch Queen".  I actually don't lay on the often because I have two children to look after, but I certainly wasn't fit and certainly wasn't doing anything about it.  But then things seemed to change in June as I watched my husband dwindle away and lose 60 lbs because he decided he was tired of weighing over 300 lbs. 

As I admired him, I also hated him because I would love to shed 60 lbs too...but it wasn't a priority.  So, I made it one.  For me, the #1 best thing to do to make exercise and eating right a priority...set a goal!  My goal:  to run/cycle a 2:9:2 duathlon.  And I did it!   The problem after I finished...I didn't have another goal.  So for 2 weeks I sat on my rear, stayed off my bike, and ate whatever the heck I felt like eating.  And today, I've gained back 5 lbs and feel awful! 

But I'm in luck because I've signed up for the Faithful Finish Lines program with Sara Borgstede and my new goal is right in front of me:  to run the Cowtown half-marathon on March 1, 2015...and to lose 20lbs before then too!

I honestly cannot tell you how thrilled I am 1) to be a part of this group, and 2) to actually have a goal of this magnitude.  I am NOT a runner; I am NOT a fit person; I am NOT in shape...but I AM ready to make my body the temple the Lord created it to be!

So bear with me the next few months because you'll be seeing a lot more FFL posts, but posting here is part of my accountability!  If I say it publicly, I'll be so much more motivated to finish! 

I cannot do this alone, so I also asking for your help:  what are some of the best tips you would give a beginner runner or someone trying to lose 20 lbs?  Favorite recipes, tips for drinking enough water, those cannot-live-without fitness gadgets?  I want to hear ALL of your suggestions!!!  Help me make this goal a reality! 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Day 26: 31 Days of Mom Prayers

Have you ever had those moments as a mom and as a wife that you just feel, well...inadequate and completely exhausted?  I feel it...ALL.THE.TIME (at least it seems like all the time).

I've been studying the Proverbs 31 woman lately, and I found myself wondering the other day if that woman ever rested? I mean AMEN, or AMEN?  Did she ever get a break?  Did she ever want a break?  I cannot tell you how many times during the day that I just call out to the Lord and ask Him to simply breath energy into my being; to bring a spirit of humility and patience to my soul; to bring clarity and organization into the never-ending chaos.

So praise be the King of Kings that He hears us!

These are the simple reasons why today's 31 favorite is from Girl with Blog:  31 Days of Mom Prayers. 

This series is so dear to my heart because it seems like I'm so often praying these exact words.  And I say "forget 31 days", we need these prayers every day! 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Day 25: 31 Days Love Where You Live

Y'all, I love traveling! I love going to new place and discovering new things.  But we don't always have to travel far to find these discoveries because sometime, they are in our backyard.  

Whether you live in a big city or a little town, every community has a story and has history.  But how often do we take the time to actually hear the story or see the history?  Are there historical sites in your city; did someone famous grow up there; is there a big defining moment for your little dot on the map? 

I fell in love with Kailey's 31 Day series almost as soon as I found it. 
Maybe it's because we both live in North Texas, but I loved this series from Living In The Rain.  This series is exactly what the title says: its loving the place where you live.  This series makes me want to try new places and new foods, and truly DISCOVER the place where I life. 

So I hope you'll browse through this series.  Find your favorite little shopping boutique in the middle of your city square; discover a new little coffee shop; learn how your city got its start...just love the place your live!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Day 24: 31 Days to DIY Wall Art

As you might have guessed from some of my posts at the beginning of the month, I LOVE DIY ideas and finding ways to decorate on a budget.  This series is one that I found a while back and I love going back to it every time I have an empty space that I need to fill:  31 25 Days of DIY Wall Art!

Not only is this a great series, this is a great blog that I PROMISE you want to follow!  I love so many of her ideas and tutorials!

I think one of my favorite posts is the DIY scrapbook wall art.  I have a TON of scrapbook paper from my days of paper-scrapping.  Now that I'm a digital scrapper, its all just sitting in a box.  So this was a perfect idea for me to put some of it to use!  As soon as I've finished posting my 31 Day series, I'll take some pictures of a few of the projects that I've done from several of the series that I've highlighted. 

Have you discovered some great DIY wall-art ideas?  If so, then let me know!  I love finding new ideas and seeing all of your fantastic pictures!