Friday, October 24, 2014

Day 20 - 31 Days to Motivational Running

I absolutely cannot believe it but my first duathlon is in 2 days! 

2 Days!!!!!

Sometimes I'm still in complete shock that I'm actually about to do this.  I've trained, I've prepared, I've researched...I am ready!  If you want to know more about what I'm rambling about, click here!

Granted, I can only run continuously for a little over a mile because then my calves feel like they are about to jump off the back of my legs and run away screaming in fear because they are so afraid over being overworked! 

But I keep going.  I keep running.  And if I have to walk for 3-4 minutes, then I walk...but then I get back to running.  But one of the best blogs that I have read about running is this:

Discovering Breadcrumbs is on the current 31-day writing list, and has really outdone herself.  This fantastic series starts by reminding us that in order to run, you have to start small and build slow.  Running isn't something you can just do.  You have to strengthen those muscles and build your endurance before you can just go run a few miles. 

I simply cannot explain to you how beneficial this blog has been to me.  If you're starting your exercise or weight-loss journey, this blog will be instrumental in your success.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

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