Thursday, October 2, 2014

31 Days: 31 Days to a No Brainer Wardrobe

Its day 2 of my "31 Days of 31 Day Favorites" and today is an awesome series:  31 Days to a No Brainer Wardrobe.

So Hayley, the author of The Tiny Twig, begins this series with this simple fact:  women wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time.  The 20% that you are wearing is probably the stuff that you feel great in, wash 80 million times, and hardly gets hung up before it’s worn again.

So Hayley's 31day series is all about having a great, usable wardrobe that you love!  Its how to establish your "style", and buying key pieces that fit your style for all different situations.  It's about having 10 clothing items that you can make into 25 different outfits.  I'm telling you - this series is GREAT, especially for people like me that really do only wear about 20% of the clothes in my closet!

So hope on over to The Tiny Twig and read this!  NOW!  
(side note: this link above takes you to the first post. When you're ready to move one, click "Next Article...even though it says "Meal Plan"...then the next article after the meal plan begins the series.  Continue to click on "Next Article" to go through the series.)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up! I'm always looking for a hand with how to figure out clothing.

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