Saturday, October 11, 2014

Day 11: 31 Days of Better Home Photos

Day 11:  Today's series is about photography:  something that I love, but I'm not very good at (that's why I have a sister who is a professional - I leave the photography up to her) BUT I do love having good photos for my blog and for my scrapbooks.

Do you ever get envious of other bloggers' photos and all the homes you see on Instagram because there is this gorgeous stream of sunlight perfectly highlighting the object of the photo?  Or do you ever notice how every object is in it's perfect place?  I get so jealous of some of the homes I see and I always find myself wondering if their home really is "that" picture perfect, or if they just know how to take perfect photo (or just spend an hour or two cleaning up before their little "impromptu" photo session, lol). 

Well today's series touches on all the ways we can take better photos of our home, and I love all of Jen's tips in this series!  In this series, Jen covers everything from photographing different rooms of your home (including your dreadful bathroom) to prepping for photos, and even how to make good tutorial photos. So I hope you enjoy 31 Days of Better Home Photos! Days

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