Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Day 22: 31 Days of Weird Faithful Fitness


It seems to be the one things that I have not done much of, until now.  Well, until June to be exact.

June is when it all started, and there really doesn't seem to be an end in sight.  I have another 40 lbs of baby weight that I want GONE.  But, If there is one thing that I have been a little disappointed in is simply the fact that the pounds are not coming off like I thought they would.  I went from a very sedimentary lifestyle, to a much more active on and I began to shave off quite a few calories from my diet.  The first 20 lbs came of fairly quickly, but I've been stuck in a rut for the past 6 weeks! 

So I've been doing a lot of reading about weightloss and eating and how to fit all of these things into a busy lifestyle. 

Well I found Sara's blog the other day and now I am HOOKED!  Sara has been writing a series:  31 Days of Weird Faithful Fitness.
Her story is amazing!  Sara lost 100 lbs and has kept it off for 10 years!  In this series she shares some of the best tips and secrets for her success, and provides DAILY encouragement for us (well, those of us battling our own weight issues).

If you're struggling with your weight or wanting to achieve new fitness goals, then you MUST go visit Sara's website.  I promise that this will become one of your new favorite 31-Day favorites!


Karmen said...

I just found Sara too! Thanks for posting. Your blog is beautiful!

Billie Jauss said...

Always looking for ways to be successful in weight management!

Barb V said...

Great suggestion. Thank you for all the wonderful posts.

Sara Borgstede said...

Thanks for the love! :)

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