Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Day 13: 31 Days of Less & More

Oh my friends, today's series is such a great one.  Ruth and Edie over at Living Well, Spending Less wrote a compelling series about what its like to live with less of the "evils" in our life, and more joys!  31 Days of Less & More is a powerful reminder that we needs less of some things, and more of others. 

I love the fact that Ruth and Edie broke this series down into three different parts:  "
Part One—days 2-11—will focus on filling our lives with less heartache and more joy.  Next, Part Two—days 12-21—will focus on creating less stress but more peace.  Finally, Part Three—days 22-31—will hone in on our physical spaces and focus on having less stuff but more contentment."

I think one of my favorites on this series is day 2: Less Fear, More Courage.  Ruth talks about bravery and what it means to be brave.  Having a 3 year old I often fine myself trying to coax her into doing something because she is scared and doesn't want to do it.  I love how Ruth describes bravery; its doing something even when we're afraid. 

How often are we too afraid to do something?  I'm so afraid at failure, that I often don't even attempt new things.  But a few months ago I decided to be brave and pick up a bicycle.  Now I'm training for a duathlon!  If I had let my fear take hold of me, the pants I have on would never have fit, and man its a good feeling to have them really "fit"!  How an I ever supposed to help my child be brave if I'm too afraid to do it myself.

And let's get really honest here:  how often are we afraid to trust the Lord?  I can tell you that I would much rather know the outcome of every situation than be let Him handle it.  That's the control freak in me.  But I have FAITH!  I have COURAGE!  I KNOW that my God will never let me down, so I CHOOSE less fear, and MORE courage because HE IS ABLE! 

So please go and enjoy this series.  I promise you will NOT be disappointed! 

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