Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My First Burnt Dinner

So yesterday was a milestone...I had my first burnt dinner. And this is my FIRST burnt dinner - not just since I have been married, but EVER!!!

Preface - I LOVE my crockpot and the idea of putting something on to cook before I leave, and its ready when I come home!!!

Story: So, my precious crockpot came with a cookbook and since I have never made a recipe out of it, I decided Brant and I need a new dinner. So, I found this simple recipe for Swiss Chicken Casserole and decided that it would be great. So, I made my grocery list and went to the store Sunday afternoon, making sure I purchased each little item for my new recipe. Monday morning, I put each ingredient in the crockpot, just as the recipe stated...no more, no less...in the perfect order. Turned my crockpot on low, set the time for 8 hours, and out the door I went. Now mind you, I was looking forward to this great dinner ALL day long - I couldn't wait to get home and have my house filled with the delicious aroma of slow-cooked chicken and vegetables!

So I pulled in the garage and before I even shut my car door, the door opened and my husband's solemn face appeared. "So, you want me to take you out for dinner?" I, of course never thinking that my perfectly made dinner would be burnt said "Wall of course not. Dinner should already be ready!" "Well," says my sweet dear in them most sincere voice, "I think you might should take a look at it." I was devastated! My crockpot had burnt, and not just a little bit burnt, but charred my precious Swiss Chicken Casserole. My life as June Cleaver had come to an end! So Chinese it was - ordered and delivered promptly by Mr. Wok.

Wise words to my new and soon-to-be-brides...don't always trust the crockpot!

With love and humility,


Janelle & Ella said...

You are so funny!! I am proud of you. I would have more burnt meals if I actually tried to cook. You are doing a great job!!

MamaCass said...

Yes, this is something that would have happened to me. I haven't had much luck with the crockpot either. That swiss chicken casserole sounded yummy though!

Amanda said...

Hmmmm, I don't have a lot of confidence in the crock pot after reading this!

Krystal said...

been there, done that...MORE THAN YOU KNOW! At least, there were no flames, smoke or men in yellow suits!

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