Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Antoher Update on Zac

Again, the update below was sent to me by Amy. Let's just praise the Lord that He is healing!

Hello everyone,
I just wanted to give everyone an update. Sorry its taken me so long but I wanted some answers before hand. Some of you may know already but here goes...

Zac had surgery on Thursday to repair the top of his hand/wrist area, the doctor repaired all the bones and tendons. They took tendons from his left foot to replace the missing ones. There was a lot of bone work done but I cant remember specifics. Anyway they put a plate in his wrist to stablize it so the bones have time to heal. They took a flap from this left thigh (from hip to knee) to repair what was missing on his hand. They also took a skin graft from his left thigh to help w/ the repairs. In about 3-4 months they will remove the plate and see how well the wrist is able to hold up, from there they will determine if any further surgeries are needed on this area.

On Friday morning we had a small set back. The doctor was paged about 4 am because Zac was having a lot of swelling on his leg at the donor site. This was caused by a hematoma, a blood vessel was leaking and caused a large amount of blood to pool. By the time they took him to surgery, it looked like he had a football on his hip! The surgery was successful, they took about a unit of blood from this area. Because of this we were in ICU another night. On Saturday we were moved back to a regular room.

He is doing pretty good now. Yesterday was the first day he had been up since the surgery. Today he was able to walk around the room. Tomorrow he will start physical therapy on his hand to get the tendons to working. I feel like we are finally seeing some progress! The doctor informed us this evening that they will allow orthopedics to perform surgery on his upper arm next week. This is a good sign because the plastic surgeons would not allow ortho to come in if they weren't confident about the flap area. They still have not given us a timetable of when we may come home just because everyday there are changes, both good and bad. Even though its hard not knowing, I don't want a false hope and be disappointed if they give us a date and it doesn't work out.

Also today Zac got the staples out of his head, he still has a lot of stiches but they will come out soon enough.

We are doing good! We just want to be well enough to come home without any complications! We are so ready to be home, it will be hard this week because of Thanksgiving but he is alive and we can celebrate that no matter where we are!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! Eat lots of yummy food!:)


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