Thursday, November 8, 2007

Update on Zac

The following is an email I received today from Amy, my cousin who is Zac's wife.

Hello everyone,
I just wanted to give an update on Zac.

We are at Zale Lipshy in Dallas, which is part of UT Southwestern Medical Center.
We found out today the plastic surgery will be first, they are going to take skin from his upper thigh to repair his right hand. He has no skin from his knuckles to about 2 inches past his wrist, this area is down to the bone, he has lost a lot of tendons that make his hand and fingers work. This surgery will probably be time consuming because they are hooking up blood vessels from the hand to the new skin. He will be watched closely after this to make sure the skin took. Hopefully he will have surgery tomorrow or Monday. And they may try to repair his scalp. He was scalped during the accident and the doctor in Tyler was able to piece it back together pretty good but there is still work to be done, but they are very positive that the head will be back to normal. They will give him 5-7 days before trying to do the next surgery which an orthopedic surgeon will repair the brake in his upper arm. He is missing about a 2-3 inch piece of bone due to the accident, so his arm will be shorter. But the good news is when they repair the brake, they will put in a plate to secure the area to help the bones grow together. He will not be in a cast and will be able to move his shoulder and elbow. All this is on the right hand and he is right handed so he will have to learn to be left handed. This is a very time consuming process and we probably will have much more to come w/ physical therapy and doctors visits. All the doctors are very nice. They have assigned 3 doctors to do the plastic surgery which I like! The more the merrier:)!

I am doing good, the room we have in has a couch/twin bed and a full bath so I am able to stay will him. I feel much better knowing I am right here with him. Zac is in good spirits! The nurses really like him b/c he is so nice, which is crazy b/c he is under so much pain. We both really appreciate all the prayers! We have felt them from the beginning. I know God is in control and this has happened for a reason. Even more so b/c I have stayed so calm throughout all this, which is unusual for me b/c I am a worrier. But God has given me a great peace about all of this! God is GOOD!!!! Zac is alive and we are both grateful for that!

Strange enough Thanksgiving is around the corner. This time last year Zac was home from Iraq and it was the best Thanksgiving ever. But I believe this one will far exceed last year! We are so thankful to have him with us! God has great plans for him and I can't wait to see what is come!


MamaCass said...

Wow! This moved me to tears. They do have alot to be thankful for. I will lift Zac and Amy up in prayer. Thanks for sharing their story and needs.

Grimes Life said...

Oh my goodness they have so much to be thankful for! That blog sent chills up my spine! It's so amazing what doctors know how to do these days! I will continue to keep the family in my prayers!

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