Monday, November 5, 2007

Praying for Zac

sPlease join me in prayer for my cousin, Zac.

I just heard word from my family that my cousin's husband, Zac, was in a terrible accident this weekend. My cousin, Amy, and Zac have been married a few years, and in October of 2005, he was sent to Iraq with the US Military. Zac is back in the US, but went on an Active Duty Training Exercize over the weekend. Ont he way back, he was in a 5-ton army vehicle when the driver of the armored truck fell asleep, rolling the verhicle. Zac was crushed and is not in critical condition.

As of now, it is certain that he has lost the use of his right arm, and could possible have to have his right hand removed. His scalp was scraped very badly on the concrete, so he has some head damage, but it should not impair his brain activity.

Please keep Zac and Amy in your prayers during this time.

UPDATE: Good news, there is a chance that Zac will have some movement in his right arm, but will porbably never have full use of it. However, he will need many skin graphs and surgeries to repair his hand, arm, and scalp.

My mom and dad have seen Amy and say that she is in great spirits and very hopful. Again, pray for her that she will have peace and an encourageing spirit for her husband.


Amanda said...

Lord, I pray for your mercy over Zac. Please show him your incomparably great power and heal his body in every way. I pray for a covering of peace over this entire family. In Jesus' name, amen.

Marla Taviano said...

Prayed for Zac just now!!

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