Friday, November 23, 2007

The First Williams Thanksgiving!

So, it was a glorious day in our household, not because our mouths were wartering at the most delicious foods, but becasue we were going to the most amazing places known to man on Thanksgiving Day...The Cowboys Game!!!!

Brant's birthday in on Sunday, the 25th, so I surprised him with two tickets to the Cowboys Game. It was a blast, although we literally froze our tushies off in the snow! Our Thanksgiving was filled with McDonald's for lunch and nachos for dinner! I though I would upload a few pictures for everyone to see!

Ashanti sang the National Anthem.

This was the half time show.

Kelly Clarkson performed.


MamaCass said...

Fun, Fun! I sat in the warmth of the Riddle living room and watched the game. At least the cowboys one and your freezing in the snow was not wasted.

Janelle & Ella said...

WOW!! That is so much FUN! I am not going to tell Heath about this. He might shrivel up with jealousy. :-) You are such a great wife. I'm glad y'all got to do this. Tell Brant I said Happy Birthday.

wetherell said...

ohhh that is so fun, definatly a great First Thanksgiving! Tell Brant Happy Birthday. I wrote it on the calander so that we can remember next years!

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