Friday, November 2, 2007

Oh, the new realms of technology

Ok, so I've never blogged in all of my life and I never thought that I would, but I have fallen in love with other people's blogs. I love reading them and pondering over them. What joy it brings me to share in the lives of my friends who I can't always be with.

So, here we go - out to write a blog. However, the most crucial of questions: What in the world am I supposed to write in this blog???? I have no clue to be quite honest, but I thought I would at least begin with my most favorite topic (at least for the moment) - MARRIAGE! I married my "Mr.Right" a few months ago, but let me tell you ladies - he is not always "Mr. Right." I am discovering that he can also be "Mr. Disgusting," "Mr. Annoying," and "Mr. Messy." I did not sign up for being a maid!!! Amazingly enough though, all of his "issues" has brought me closer to my God. How in the world does my husband leaving his dirty, stinky, mud-soaked clothes all over my nicely vacummed floor bring me closer to the Lord, you might ask: because I know that I can't be his maid, I have the honor of being his wife. And yes, my dear friends, requires me to love my sweet husband through the love of my Lord, not always with my own.

Ok, so I have painted you an honest picture of my love, Brant, but marriage has been wonderful. I love coming home everyday from work knowing that I will see him soon and knowing that I don't have to leave his apartment at 10:00. Some might acutally say that I have become an old lady since getting married because I go to bed at 9:30 now - rather than the 11:00 I was used to. I love cooking, and never having to be by myself if I don't want to be. I love my huband, and I love being married to him!

So I have successfully blogged and I hope that throught his experience, you get to see a bit of my heart - the true inner peice of me that makes me "tick". But also send me your blogs because I want to know all about you too. What makes you "tick?", what makes your heart "flutter"?

I love you all and I hope that the Lord blesses your day!


Amanda said...

Hey girl! Welcome to blog world! Some of my best blog entries come from emails I write to my girlfriends about things that happened to me that day or what I think about something. So pay attention to what you are wanting to say to others verbally, and start typing those things out. See if that works for you. I wish I had started as a newlywed! Oh, the stories!

Ginger@From The Cocoon said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! I can't tell you the friends I've made all across the world through this and the wisdom I've gained. Congrats on your marriage!! It is definitely a challenge, but oh so worth it...I've been married 15 years and we've seen it all ( I think). God never ceases to amaze me and just keeps blessing our lives in spite of our human weakness! I look forward to reading more about your journey.

Krystal said...

So glad you are a new blog friend! Yeah! It's so fabulous to leave all your stories and thoughts on here and know that some may read and some may not BUT either way it's totally off your chest! I can't wait to hear more newlywed stories!

wetherell said...

yea for the blog...I am so excited to be able to read about you and Brants life together...

Marla Taviano said...

Hey, Ashley. Just hopped over from Baby Bangs. Congrats on your fun new wife status! I wrote a book for new brides last year, and I'm always looking for newlyweds to send it to as a little blessing. It's a fun one.

If you're interested, you can contact me through

You're gonna love blogging!

MamaCass said...

Yay Ashley! A new bloggy friend. I cannot believe my little boy is two years old! I love this age but he is growing up so fast. Marriage is quite an adjustment that you painted a picture of quite well. It gets easier as you give in and compromise with each other and learn to live with those little quirks. Can't wait to hear more. God bless my friend!


jess said...

Ashley I just linked from Baby Bangs! Congrats on your new marriage! I'm newly engaged so it is fun reading about what I can expect when I am a newly wed!

Welcome to the blogging world!

kim kauffman said...

I found your blog through babybangs....I just got married on May 4 so I can relate to everything you posted. It's exactly what I am experiencing, too! I've been learning to depend on the Lord in a whole new way. It's such a challenge but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

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