Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Yes, I have it, and I've always had it! I want a sweet little baby all to myself to hug on, and kiss on - yes, I want a beautiful, playful baby puppy! Our friends, Ryan and Kristy, Jon and Melissa, and Andy and Corey all have them, and now Ryan and Krsity are having some more - and I WANT ONE!!! However, my sweet dear husband does not :(

Here's a little background on the situation. I have alwasy had dogs - I grew up with them sleeping in my bed and playing with me outside. Brant, on the other hand, grew up with cats. Now I am not a very "catty" type person, but when Brant and I began dating, he had a cat name Kai and I had a dog named Buddy. Now Kai lived with Brant, but Buddy lived my mom and dad. So when we bought a house, Kai came with Brant, but somehow, Buddy didn't come with me. So now, here I am for the first time in my life without a dog and I don't like it so much. I NEED one, but my husband doesn't exactly feel the same way...oops!

So fellow wives, I am asking a very crucial question: How do you get a man to agree with you in order to get what you want?????


Grimes Life said...

Well...i guess I am not much help for you because I definitely did not have to twist Jon's (aka Dog Lover)arm to get sweet little Sugar! He loves dogs so much and thankfully now, I do also!! The Williams household needs one of Bleu and Max's pups!!!! Keep working on him!!

Amanda said...

If you are planning on starting a family within the next year, I would hold off on a dog. But that's just me! We love Beckham but it was sad to see his status fall so greatly whenever Jackson came along.

wetherell said...

Oh.... well I was like Brant for the most part, but I hated cats and Dogs....now that we have Gus, I love him and could not live without him. I heard if you raise a puppy and a cat together, they will like each other. I say if he gets a cat, you get a puppy!

Janelle & Ella said...

Brant, get her a dog...please!! :-) I'm with you Ashley, I love dogs and have always had them. In fact, Heath and I got our dog, Jones, the week before we got married, so we've always had a little baby in our house. Like Amanda said though, it is sad when the dog's status drops after a baby comes from "baby" to just dog. But they are so fun to have as a newly married couple! Good luck!

MamaCass said...

I agree with Amanda. If baby time is soon then I would hold off on the dog. But if not then go for it. Scooty was our baby for the first four years of our married life. As far as convincing Brant, I think you should let him hold a puppy. Those sweet puppy licks and puppy smells are sure to when him over.

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