Thursday, December 13, 2007

More of Baby Dax

So I must confess that I am so in love with my puppy that my husband actually asked last night if I loved the puppy more than it bad that I had to think about my answer??? Just kidding, of course I love the puppy more. Don't worry, I'm lying. I adore my sweet husband, especially since I wouldn't have my Baby Dax without him. I cannot tell you how surprised and excited I was about Dax, not just because I have wanted a puppy, but becuase my husband wanted to badly to make me happy, that he sacrificed. Of course now Brant is so giddy over this little baby that he can't hardly stand it, but still, he did not want a dog, but sacrificed his feelings so that I could have what I so desperately wanted, a puppy of my own to love and nurture!

So, now I bring you a few more pictures of my Baby Dax.



Grimes Life said...

Oh I just love the pics of Dax! He is so cute! I need to meet him very soon! I am so glad that Brant loves him so much too!
Those little pups sure do get big fast!!!

MamaCass said...

He is so sweet. It looks like Brant is enjoying him too. I can just imagine his softness and sweet puppy breath.

Krystal said...

I loved the Christmas card! You guys are such a sweet family!

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