Sunday, July 13, 2008


I'm sorry its been awhile...I've been relaxing and busy all at the same time. This week was an interesting one. To say the least, I haven't just "stayed" home in years...I'm a busy body. So to be home alone and by myself has been different. I've cleaned, I've read, I've scrapbook'ed, I've exercised, I've walked and I've job hunted.

I have only had one job interview and it went extremely well. However, the company did decide on another candidate, but also told me that if this candidate did not accept, or if they did not work out, then I would be receiving an offer. I know it stinks that I didn't get the job, but it did make me feel better that I was "runner-up". I do have an interview on Tuesday with a legal recruiter so I hope that goes well. I think I have sent my resume out to 20 different companies and I just keep on sending them.

But I actually doing really well. I've enjoyed my time off - my time of relaxation. My house is nice and clean and I get to make my bed every day. Brant was usually still in bed when I used to leave the house, so my bed was never made...and I hated it.

I'll update more throughout the week, but I'm going to go relax with Brant for now.


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TriciaNae said...

I feel so much better when my bed is made too! Happy thoughts and prayers that this interview goes even better than the last!!

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