Tuesday, December 21, 2010

29th Birthday

My birthday was on the 12th, so I know I'm a little late posting pictures, but it was a great day! Brant and I got up, headed to church, then just had a bite of lunch at home. Around 4, we headed out to go bowling with the fam.

Everyone had such a great time - even little Ethan had fun bowling!

Kate was kicking everyone's tail! It seemed like everytime she rolled the ball she got a strike or a spare. We agree that it was her rockin' hate and zebra sunglasses! She wouldn't bowl without them!

This is Connor-bug - he is such a great kid! He gave me a high five whether I rolled a strike, or went in the gutter!

Me and B!

Kate and Granda - Granda was rockin' the hat and sunglasses - Kate was hopeful it would help with her game!

Me and Sister

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MBKimmy said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Love all the pictures!

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