Monday, August 18, 2008

The First Week

Well, I can honestly say that I am loving my job. I actually look forward to going to work everyday...imagine that! Today, I was actually assigned to a case manager, which means that I have actually been "assigned" to certain cases. So tomorrow I am spending most of the day researching and learning about them...which is fun for me!

The only adjustment so far are the hours. Although I love not having traffic, I am an "early to bed early to rise" kind of girl, so I feel like half my "home-time" in the evenings is already gone by the time I get home. I used to beating Brant home and having dinner started by the time he gets home around 5:30, but now, either I: cook in the crockpot, made a 30 minute meal, pick it up on my way home, or we don't eat until 8:00. So, like I said, its just an adjustment, but we're beginning to get used to it.

Our weekend was good...I went shopping and got 2 new suites, as well as several new blouses. Saturday evening, we went to have a homemade pizza dinner party with friends and that was a great blast! Then Sunday, we went to church, had lunch, then I went to see my dear friend Mary. She had a precious baby girl on Thursday morning...Mallory Elyse. I took over some dinner and held that sweet baby for over an hour...but don't worry...I'm not going through a spout of baby-fever right now. Sunday night, Brant and I just relaxed together and watched "The Kingdom." It is a great movie!

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and is having a great start to their week!


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