Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Its a Dog Day!

Hey guys - It's DAX!!! Dawson over at Kelly's Korner is having this dog day and Dawson said that any one is totally loved and spoiled by their mom and dad should post, so here I am! This is one of those me-me's that you tell 6 random things about yourself...so here goes!

1. My favorite place to sleep is in my mom and dad's bed! At night I sleep in my crate, but I enjoy Sunday afternoon naps in their bed because it is the most comfortable place!

However, Mom got a new recliner and it is pretty comfy too!

2. I LOVE to take walks in the park! There are so many fun things to do there: play catch with my dad, run around and chase my mom, and I can even go play in the fountain! I like to make friends with everyone there!

3. My favorite toy is my blankie! I have had my blue blankie since the day I came home with mom and dad. I sleep with it, play with it...its the BEST!

4. I LOVE to take car rides! Anytime the door is open, I hop it because I love going places and meeting new friends.

5. You may not know this, but I have a big sister named Kai. She is a Tabby cat, and she pretty sweet. I like to chase her around, but she doesn't think it so funny! This is a picture of her hiding from me under the Christmas tree!

6. I am SPOILED ROTTEN! My mom and dad love me so much that they spoil me all the time, but I love my mom and dad just as much as they love me. I love to cuddle with my dad, and play with my mom. They are truly the best!!!

So now any of you other dogs out there that have a mom and dad as great as mine need to post too and tell the rest of us your 6 random things!!!

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