Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another update from the Walkers

From Care Pages:

Kristi is still in the hospital this evening. Today they determined that her white blood cell and other blood counts are still low. They are going to start Kristi on an injection to help with the white blood cell count and gave her 2 units of blood today to help with the others. The blood transfusion can affect her blood sugar so they also gave her some insulin. One big praise that came from these tests is that Kristi's platelet count was up higher than it has been in more than a month. This is great news.

They've been able to confirm that Kristi's current bout of sickness is due to pneumonia. She had a fever again this morning but she was better through the rest of today. Her fever seems to come back mostly at night so please pray that it will stay clear and that she can get some good rest this evening.

The doctors think that the pneumonia is due to the abdominal fluid draining into Kristi’s right lung. This is a possible side-affect of her fluid retention and, although not common, it is not a surprise either. Tomorrow the doctors are going to drain the abdominal fluid as normal and then they will do a second procedure to drain the fluid from her right lung. Please pray that these procedures go well and there are no complications.

If things do go well and Kristi continues to progress, then they may also choose to do the scheduled chemo and bone treatments tomorrow. They are currently hoping to go home either Thursday or Friday.

Also, please continue to pray for the kids sickness at home. Mason especially could use some prayer as he could have walking pneumonia. The hope is that the kids get over their colds before Kristi comes home from the hospital.

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