Saturday, January 24, 2009

Update on Kristi Walker

First - let up PRAISE THE LORD that little Harper is doing so well!!! If you haven't seen the latest update, you can read about it here.

Second, here is the latest update received this morning about Kristi Walker:

Good Saturday to each of you,

I talked to Chuck in the late afternoon yesterday; he was in the hospital room with Kristi and her dad when we talked. Kristi’s pneumonia has cleared a little; the coughing isn’t as deep or as painful. The fluid that was building up, which was actually not in her lungs but between the lining of her lung and her ribs, has cleared up some as well. Both of those are reports worthy of thanksgiving. The coughing episodes were intense and not allowing Kristi to rest very much.
These past few days Kristi has been disoriented and confused; perhaps that it is a side effect of all the chemo, but there is also some concern about the cancer in the lining of her brain having progressed. Today Kristi is having an MRI on her head to check the activity of cancer/tumors in the brain area. This is another one of those “big days” for them. Kristi told Chuck while I was on the phone to pray for her peace and a calm heart as she doesn’t like the MRI process. There is a possibility of results tonight from the MRI or it could be the first part of next week before those are returned. I will email you once I speak directly to Chuck about the results.

Kristi was only able to do a small portion of her chemo this week because of her weakness and pneumonia. Her platelet counts have gone in the wrong direction, they were at 24,000 yesterday. Over 150,000 is normal and under 20,000 can be life-threatening.

We’ve come to that significant weekend again as friends that we are called on to intercede on behalf of Chuck and Kristi – praying for strength, the peace of Christ and the power and healing hand of God. Don’t forget to pray for Chuck as well today...I know that he is tired, overwhelmed with all the strains of fatherhood and provision and of course the all the possible outcomes of cancer.

Thanks for your love for the Walkers – we all know what important people they are to all of our lives.

John Durham


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I read the comment you left on my blog and I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you! Wouldn't it be fun if it happened around the same time for both of us!

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