Sunday, May 3, 2009

"Good Infection"

Brant is currently writing one of his last papers in the exhausting adventure to receiving a Master's Degree. Trust me, we will be having quite the shindig in August to celebrate, but as for now, we are writing. And yes, I say "we" because any wife that has had a husband getting a Master's degree knows that the degree is truly half hers!

But yes, I have been helping Brant research his paper and helping me find the ten million sources he needs. Now I have never been a C.S. Lewis fan, but I have to say that I am becoming one. Today in helping Brant gather some material for his paper, I was reading Mere Christianity, Chapter 4: Good Infection.

And I read a very profound, and interesting statement that has me in quite a bit of thought.

I said...that God is a being which contains three Persons while remaining one Being...But as soon as I begin trying to explain how these Persons are connected I hate to use words which make it sound as if one of them was there before the other. The First Person is called Father and the Second is the Son. We say that the First begets or produces the second; we call it "begetting" no "making", because what He produces is of the same kind as Himself. In that way the word Father is the only word to use. But unfortunately it suggests that He is there first - just as a human father exists before his son. But that is not so. There is no before and after about it. And that is why I think it important to make clear how one thing can be the source, or cause, or origin, of another without being there before it.

Now for me, here was the kicker...

The Son exists because the Father exists; but there never was a time before the Father produced the Son.

Ok - so maybe you think this pointless, or complete nonsense, but to me, this is profound. I have always believed in the Trinity....God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit...all in one Being, but to think that there has NEVER been a time when there was one without the other. Yes, one exists because of the other, but one never created the other - they just ARE.

For me, this profound thought simply resonates this:

Yes, there are plenty of things about God that I do not understand, but I do know this...He is that non can fully comprehend.


TriciaNae said...

This is in my pile of books to I had gathered a bunch of CS Lewis for the class before I dropped it. The passage is great...and you are so right...HE IS AMAZING! I have a lot going on in my head/life right now...and that is one truth I keep turning to. Hope you are well...we will have to meet for lunch soon!

Lianna Knight said...

Found your blog from Dwelling in the Land...said a prayer for you and hope that God blesses you with that sweet baby you long for :)

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