Sunday, May 10, 2009

Prayer Warriors...Please, Please Pray

Brant just received a phone call that his Grandaddy was just in a very serious car accident. Kristi, Brant's sister, said that all we know right now is that his car flipped over on the way home from church and that he has severe head and neck injuries. They are CareFlight'ing him to LSU Medical Center (he lives in a small town called Mendon, LA).

Grandaddy has been an incredible mentor and role model from Brant. Of all people my husband knows, no person has changed his life like his grandfather. The picture above, if you couldn't tell, is Brant, his mother and Grandaddy on the day of our wedding.

Please pray for that the Lord's will is done. Although we want Grandaddy to make a full recovery and life many more years, we also know that the situation if very serious. Pray for our family and that decisions can be make with the love and understanding.

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TriciaNae said...

I'm sorry to hear that. I will definitely be praying!!

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