Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Sister and I had a very interesting phone conversation this morning when I was on my way to work. And I am so excited to announce...


Get's what, you ask????


She was telling me this morning about how when I started blogging and making blog friends, she just didn't get it. How can you actually feel a connection and develop a friendship with someone you have never met???

For example - my dear FRIEND Tricia! Tricia and I have never met (although we really have no excuse as to why not considering we live IN THE SAME TOWN!), but nonetheless, have never met. Yet, we both went to DBU, both LOVE scrapbooking, are both newlyweds, and both devote ourselves to our nieces and nephews. Heck - she and her hubs looked at buying a house NEXT DOOR to me and we never even knew it!!!! Seriously - we were meant to be the best of friends!

So Sister told me this morning that she finally gets it. She now has her own "REAL, NEVER MET YOU BUT WE WERE SO MEANT TO BE FRIENDS IN REAL LIFE" BLOG FRIENDS! So now that Sister finally gets it, do you get it? If so, who are your best blogging friends??????


TheFancyFritter said...

I so get it! It is so fun to meet new people in the blogging "world" and to share advice and stories with each other! I love it! :)

TriciaNae said...

We are meant to be friends!! If I have anything to do with it...we will end up living in the same area anyways!! You are such a sweet girl and I totally feel blessed to have "met" you!!! We will definitely need to get together -for real- soon!!

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