Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Julie and Julia

Have you see it yet???? It was a FABULOUS movie, in my not-so-expert opinion! Yes, the movie was great, but even more fantastic than that was the fact that I was so motivated by it!

Here's the thing...I would love to say that I am a good cook, but I have a feeling that my husband would disagree. Now I don't think that he would call me a bad cook, but I do tend to cook the same things over and over...until last week, the only fish I had ever cooked was salmon!

So this movie TOTALLY inspired me to get into the kitchen and make something NEW! If you haven't seen it - go get it - especially if you enjoy cooking!!!!!!! So since I am so inspired I now have this longing to cook...but no, I am not going to do a Ashley/Famous Cook project because I DO NOT have the time for that, but what I am going to do is make a point to cook a full NEW MEAL at least once a week. By NEW I mean something that I have never made before.

So, in my preparation for this weeks meal, I have been reading articles online and finding some fun recipes....and I was THRILLED when I came across this link completely by chance: The Original Julie/Julia Project Blog!!!!! (caution: expletives used).

So yes, each week I will post about our NEW meal and let you know how it I just have to decide what this weeks meal is going to be! Any suggestions???????

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