Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lucky Charm

Somehow I seem to enjoy the holidays a little more when I have a baby around - especially one I get to play dress up with!  I have loved finding fun new fabrics and patterns to make new outfits for Emmalee.  I'm not sure if sewing has saved me money, or just made me having a cuter-dressed child.  Either way - it works!  HA!  Regardless,  I had a decorated little lucky charm on St. Patrick's Day!

Her dad is already introducing her to the world of golf! He has high hopes!
Always on our feet these days!
The many faces of Emmalee Caroline!
 If you follow me on Twitter then you might have seen the full outfit because it had matching pants.  Because the weather has been very warm in Texas, I didn't want her to be too hot, so she wore the pants the day before w/ a cute little short sleeve white top, then the onesie on Saturday with this precious little skirt from Children's Place.

Well I hope you have a lucky charm this year, too!  I know mine is pretty special!

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Anonymous said...

She is absolutely adorable and what darling outfits she has!!!

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