Thursday, August 16, 2012

She's A Happy Girl

Can you believe this happy little girl is already 16 months old?  I certainly can't.  She is just the sweetest, happiest, but sassiest, little spit-fire I know! I just love her! Some of her favorite things are puppies, her cousins, her baby doll LuLu, being outside, and food (yes, this child LOVES to eat).  She is so much fun to be around, and certainly keeps us on our toes.

(DISCLAIMER:  Please pardon all of the blurry photos - babies in action are hard to capture! )

On Saturday, we had our first Chuck E Cheese outing to celebrate Cousins Aeson's 6th birthday.  Em had so much fun.  Her favorite was the monster truck (although she thought it was more safe to sit on the floor instead of the seat). She wanted to ride this over and over and over!

She just happy playing and exploring everything she could.

We had so much fun celebrating.  These two love each other so much! 

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Anonymous said...

She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and what a great MOM you are!

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