Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What do you do with...Leftovers?

Two of my favorite things in life are my crockpot and saving money.  I LOVE my crockpot, y'all.  I would cook in it every night if I could.  There is something great and fabulous about throwing everything in before I leave for the day, then opening that front door at 5:00 and my house being filled with the aroma of a hot meal ready to be devoured. 

And saving money - well that is just an art form.  And no, I have not mastered it yet, I am just a mere bystander watching in awe and dabbling in the creative money-saving when  I can.  But one place I find that I can save money is at the grocery store.  I love going to the meat section and finding the "Manager's Special" packages that need to be either cooked or frozen within a day or two - they are always super cheap.  The problem is that it is typically a huge hunk-o-meat that I have no idea what to do with, but I buy it anyway.

My typical solution to the problem crockpot!  Its the perfect method for cooking my hunk-o-meat, but I always end up having tons of leftovers.  So, I have been using my culinary creativeness to discover new uses for my leftovers! So, here are 3 super quick and easy recipes you can make with your leftovers...make them with beef, pork, or even chicken!

Last night's leftover recipe:  Crockpot BBQ Baked Potatoes

 Y'all, these were so delicious!!!! I had cooked a huge porkloin in my crockpot a few nights ago and had so much left over.  So yesterday I put some big potatoes in my crockpot before I left for work.  When I came home, I put some of the pork in pan, threw in some barbeque sauce, and let the flavors marry by cooking on low for about 20 minutes.  Then open your potato, add some butter (if you desire), put in your bbq, shredded cheese, onion, then top with a dollop of sour cream - DELICIOUS!

(And yes, the crockpot is my preferred cooking method for baked potatoes!!!  How to do it, wash your potatoes, drizzle a little EVOO on the skin, sprinkle with salt and wrap with foil.  Put the potatoes in the crockpot, cover and bake on low for 6-7 hours.  They will be so soft and cooked all the way through  no matter if your cooking 10 or 2.  It really is fabulous!)

Next, make BBQ Sandwiches. 
So simple and so delicious!  Same as above, just put your left over meat in a pan and toss in your barbeque sauce.  Let the flavors marry by cooking on low for 20 minutes, then full your buns!  I like pickle and onion on my BBQ sandwiches, but you feel free to make it any way you like!  If you are feeding a lot of people, you can always put your meat in the crockpot with the sauce and let it cook on low for about 3-4 hours. 

Feeling some good ole' mexican food?  Make some "street" tacos or quesadilas.  All you need is tortillas, cheese, and your desired "fixin's".  Take your meat and toss in some fajita seasoning.  Let it simmer on low for 15 minutes, then add it to your tortillas.  Top it with your favorite fixin's. 

Super easy and I promise you that each one is super delicious!  What are your favorite leftover recipes?  I'm always looking for new ones!!!

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