Sunday, November 11, 2012

Open Your Eyes

Sweet Emmalee,
Too often in life we shut our eyes.  We shut out our eyes to keep out the things we don't to see: the bad, the struggles, the nasty games and politics.  But all too often, we also shut our eyes on our faith - we only see what we want to instead of seeing everything the Lord has for us.  So always open your eyes.

Beth Moore once said that all too often the Lord's miracles go on around us every day, but we never see them because our eyes of belief are never open.  So I want  you to always have your eyes open.  The Lord's plan for you is so amazing and His miracles are there for you to see, so don't allow them to fall by the wayside. 

So open your eyes and always keep them open.  Don't shut yourself off from the things of this world.  Look for His miracles because they are all around you.  Open your eyes and see his magnificence, His splendor, and His glory.  

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