Wednesday, May 8, 2013

19 Weeks - Pregnancy Update!

So I totally did an 18 week update, but completely forgot to take a picture, so I'm doing 19 weeks instead.  I wanted to do an update each month but I'm pretty much a slacker.  So, 19 weeks it is!  I can't believe that I am almost 1/2 way through - that is BIZARRE to think about! 

And yes, my belly is that big!  I think I was close to 25 or 26 weeks before I was even close to this big with Emmalee. 

How far along? 19 Weeks - ALMOST half way!!!

Size of baby: According to, approx. 6" from head to rump.  However, on our sonogram last week, baby was 7.5" and weighed 9 oz.  Basically, the length of a big tomato! 

Total weight gain:10 pounds

Gender: Its a girl!!!!!  Madeline Grace Williams.

Everyone at my office was so excited to see what the baby was going to be that I brought cookies in the next day with pink icing.  This was the sign that was put above the cookie!  I just love that sweet profile.

Movement:Yes! Some days I feel more than others, but she is definitely in there.  I had been calling her a boy for quite awhile (because I honestly thought it was going to be) and those kicks would literally keep me up at night.  Now that I started calling her a girl, she is completely calm like her big sister was.  I guess she was just mad at me - HAHA!!!

Sleep: Ok. I do have to get up usually once in the night, but I'm sleeping pretty good. 

Maternity clothes: Yes.  About 1/2 and 1/2.  The maternity pants are definitely more confortable than my regular ones.

Symptoms: Hungry, get tired easily, and baby movement! .

Cravings: Nothing very specific, but I have aversions to sweet things. I can have something sweet every once in awhile, but I'm loving spicy food.  Burger? Yes, please with jalapenos!

What I miss: Not much.  I'm in the "happy" part of pregnancy!

Best moment from the past week:Seeing that sweet baby on the sonogram and finding out she is another sweet baby girl.  I am so excited to have sisters!

What I’m looking forward to:Holding this sweet baby and watching Emmalee with her.  Emmalee loves her already and I cannot wait to watch them interact 
 Doesn't that sweet grin say it all.  I cannot wait for her to meet her baby sister!

And just because she is still a momma's girl, she wanted to be in the picture too!!! 

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