Thursday, May 2, 2013

"Mommy, I 'Wake"

Oh my goodness, something has to be done about Emmalee's recently-develop sleep habits. 

Please understand, Emmalee has always been a great sleeper.  She slept through the night at 8 weeks old.  There have been a few short periods of time where she has woken up in the middle due to sickness or teething, but nothing too severe. 

Well now that she is old enough to open doors, she has started getting up at 5 and 5:30, coming into our bedroom and saying "Mommy, I 'wake.  Mouse on please."  (translation:  Mom, I'm up and want to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, please.")

I usually put her in bed with us and tell her that Mouse is still sleeping, so she should sleep to.  But she doesn't.  She will rest her pretty-little head on my pillow, but she never goes back to sleep.  So when my alarm goes off around 6, she's bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.  By the time its time for her to go to Mrs. Donna's she's falling alseep on the way, or is horribly fussy and whinny.

I honestly need your help!  I'm not a huge fan of locking her door, but did your toddler do this?  Even if they just woke up early and didn't get out of their bed, how did you help them get back to their normal sleep habints?

Help me moms, because I am at a loss.  I need guidance...and SLEEP!! 


Ashley said...

Both of my boys did this and Beckham's favorite time was also 5:30 AM!! We ended up getting one of those picture/wake up/alarm clocks from One Step Ahead and told them they had to stay in bed until the "sun" picture turned on. It wasn't fool proof but definitely did help everyone sleep better. If Beckham or Court stayed in bed til the sun came up, then we would give them a treat (something they loved or liked to eat). There are still mornings that they come in too early - don't know how we will handle that with a new baby, but it's definitely WAY less than it used to be. Good luck!!!

Amber said...

I have a friend with a similar alarm clock. When it turns ''green" she is allowed to come wake mommy up. Laura says it has really worked. She started it just before baby number two.

Abby said...

I was going to suggest the clock too! (And maybe a good baby gate to keep her locked in her room!:)

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