Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year


I can't believe its been so long since I posted, but life has been crazy busy having a baby who is a BIG momma's girl and a toddler who has more energy than energizer bunny! But here I am still, still alive and well and hoping to blog a little more in 2014.  I have a few other hopes for the new year, aka (dare I say the word) resolutions!

1) Obviously, as I stated, I need to blog more.  I love having my blog and I love looking back at old posts.  I think one of my favorite things was posting on the 15th of every month during Emmalee's first year of life.  I would talk about all the great and fun things she was doing.  Then, when I was doing her scrapbook, I was able to copy all of those posts and record all of the firsts and all the fun things of watching her grow up.  I think I've only done it once with Madeline, so call me a slacker mom.  So yes, I want to blog more.

2)  Scrapbook.  Y'all, I have got to get caught up in my scrapbooking.  I absolutely love doing it, I just never sit down and dedicate time to it.  My family scrapbook is so far behind its not even funny, and Emmalee's scrapbook is only completed through 6 months, and Madeline's isn't even started.  Yeah, so that's slacker mom #2! 

3) Lose Weight.  Yes, I know that is probably on everybody's list, but I HAVE to get off this baby weight, and an extra 15 or 20 wouldn't hurt. 

and my most important and my "REAL" resolution

4) I will spend more time holding my babies and loving my family instead of being so concerned about how my house looks and worried about "stuff" that needs to get done.  I usually come home from work, make dinner, eat, bathe kids, and spend time picking up the house or cleaning the kitchen.  But this year, all the housework can wait.  Toys can stay in the floor a little bit longer.  Dishes can be washed in a little while.  But when my children are awake and my husband is home, I will devote myself to them.  I will take the time to hug and kiss them, and make sure I savor every moment possible. 

Emmalee is with her Aunt Sis and cousin Aeson today, so Lil miss Madeline wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year! May your 2014 be filled with joy and peace!

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