Friday, January 31, 2014

One Blessed Life

Welcome to One Blessed Life.  Do you like it?

The other day I was just spending some time thinking about my blog and trying to think about what I really wanted it to be.  This blog is basically a chronicle of me and my family; our life and adventures; the good, the bad and the ugly.  Its a place where I can be "real" and share my heart or share the joy my kids bring to my life.  I can talk about some of my favorite things:  crockpots, cooking, scrapbooking, shopping, decorating, and every little thing in between. 

Because its a blog about me, I began to wonder what I wanted people to most know about me, and it is this: that no matter what trials come, I am blessed.  So out of this thought process came One Blessed Life.  A blog that is still about me and my sweet family, just with a different name.  Its a name that best describes us:  BLESSED! 

So I hope that you'll take note of the new blog url and follow along with us on this journey we consider One Blessed Life!


Amy said...

love it! and what a perfect name!! :)

Rikki Hester said...

Hi! I miss my friend

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