Tuesday, May 6, 2014



Its one of those things that I desperately long for, but seem to lack.

Especially in my home!  My home is not big, by any means, but its big enough for the 4 of us.  But there are days I wish I had just one more bedroom, or a craft room, or an office...just a little more space would help me get organized.  But what I've realized lately is that no more amount of space will declutter the clutter...I have to declutter the clutter. 

So today I went pinning and found some great ideas that I "want" to make happen; things that might help me get my home into a little more order.

For the playroom, I'm loving this website:  The Creative Classroom.  Even though its geared toward teachers, I love some of the ideas it has. 

I'm also loving this idea.  Our playroom has one HUGE wall and a lot of unused wall space, so what a great idea. 

I also love the idea of a chalkboard wall...that would eliminate the actual chalk board easel in the playroom!

I also love this!  I don't know about y'all, but my kids have more books than I can count and I'm running out of book space.  What a great way to use empty wall space as storage. 

In my kitchen, I've been begging Brant for a pantry make-over.  My pantry is basically just a wall of cabinets - but not actual cabinets - they just look like cabinets.  Actually, its a big square hole in the wall with cabinet facing.  There are only 3 shelves that are not adjustable and it is just a huge area of wasted space, in my ever-so-humble opinion.  So, I've told Brant I want to rip the cabinet facing off the wall, tear down the shelves, and make a new pantry.  I KNOW that more shelving space (especially adjustable shelves) will help me to be more organized.

So, now I'm trying to decide how I want this new kitchen pantry to be designed.  Here are few organization ideas I found of the pantry.

Now, this is brilliant!  A place for everything!  


I definitely want more space to store my appliances and serving trays/bowls.  This would be so helpful in freeing up my counter space and treasured cabinet space in my actual kitchen.

And I love this idea to add even more storage, but keep things off the ground.

Ok, give it to me straight - what are your favorite organization tips/tricks/secrets...I need it all!!!

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