Sunday, March 16, 2008

Weekends of Fun


This past weekend, we went to a baseball game at DBU on Friday night. DBU was playing Northern Illinois University. We spanked 'em 11-2!!! Go Patriots! Saturday, Brant had to go back to DBU because of another game that afternoon, so I went shopping with my sister and Ethan. Then, Amanda and Michael took the 3 older kids and went to Six Flags, so lucky me...Ethan got to come to Grabbie's house again! Once Uncle B came home, we all went to dinner with our friends The Grimes and The Erwins. Ethan was perfect, as always, and loved getting to meet new people.

Sunday, was pretty calm. We went to church, then came home and relaxed awhile. At 4, Brant had a choir practice, so I cleaned the house - it needed it!!!

There isn't a door to our Master bathroom, so we have a curtain.

(can you spy someone asleep on my bed?)
This is our Master bedroom, but I'm still trying to find the perfect curtain.

On Sunday, we went to church, then had lunch at Joes' Crabshack for Mom's birthday. On our way home, Brant's sister Kristie called and wanted to come hang out while her house was being painted. So she and her son Aeson came over to play. We had so much fun. The pictures above are Aeson and Dax playing in our backyard.

Grandad and Ethan
Granda and Ethan

When we got back to Granda's house, Ethan and I had some more cuddle time. He is so sweet.
Kate got her face painted at the Peddler Show.

Saturday morning, Ethan and I played at the house for awhile, then Granda, Kate, Ethan and I went to the Country Peddler show in Arlington while Grandad (my dad) took the two boys to the lake.

(This is Ethan in his Bumbo chair at Grabbie's house)

After dinner, Grand (my mom) and the kids made M&M Cookies. This is Kate, Ethan and my mom cookin' away!
So, I accidentally put these pictures in backwards order, so you have to read from the bottom of the post to the top in order to really understand the past two weekends. These pictures are actually from last weekend, not this past one. My sister and her husband celebrated 11 glorious years of marriage and Michael (my brother-in-law) wanted to take Amanda (my sister) for a nice stay at "The W" in Downtown Dallas. So to help with the kids, my mom and I split them up. I'm much better at getting up at 4am to feed a 5 months old than my mom is, so Brant and I took Baby Ethan while my parents cared for the older 3. So Friday night, Brant worked at a basketball game and I went to have dinner and play with the all the kids. We had tons of fun, then about 8, Ethan and I made it back to my house and just had some cuddle time before Uncle B came home.


TriciaNae said...

clever idea with the curtain in the bathroom entry!

MamaCass said...

Your house is just darling! I am glad you shared pictures!

Caroline said...

I am soooooo glad you gave us an update!!!! I love your house and all the red is singing to my heart!!!!! I am glad that you shared that with us!!!!! Hope you are doing great and of course I would love to paint you something....esp when you have red in your house. I paint with red a lot!!!!! email me your thoughts

The Roaming Southerner said...

That blue baby chair (Bumbo?) so stinkin cute! and the baby is no slouch either!!! What a fun time you guys seemed to have

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