Monday, April 21, 2008

Looking Back

Recently, a comment on one of Susie's posts asked what she thought about when she looked back on her wedding photo. So I began to wonder what I would think when I looked back on my wedding photos, although they were only taken 9 months ago!!! But, nevertheless, this what I think about...

I LOVED my dress!!! I actually bought my dress the very first day we began looking. My mom, sister, Kate and I went to David's Bridal because I had seen a picture of a particular dress that I wanted to try on...that "particular" dress looked hideous on me. Anyways, we kept looking at different things, and eventually found this one...but it was a diamond white (more off-white than white). I wanted a white dress, but tried it on anyways. As soon as I walked out of the dressing room, Amanda and my mom both said "that's the one." So we asked the lady helping us if she could try to find the dress in my size in white. After a few minutes she came back and said she had good news, and bad news. Good news...the dress I was wearing fit me perfectly - the size, the length, everything about it fit to a "t". Bad news...I was wearing the ONLY remaining dress in that style...the company (not just that store) had no more sizes, colors, NOTHING. So, we bought the dress that day and I have been in love with it ever since.

I LOVED my bouquet!!! My bouquet was made of cream colored roses and little white flowers (but I forgot what they are called.) The little flowers sparkled with rhinestones in the center - I loved it!

The reception was perfect...and I adored the centerpiece. They were plain and simple...six pink roses in a small square vase placed on top of a mirrored tile with rose petals and candles around them.

The Candy "bar" was a hit! It was actually just a table full of different kinds of candy. Instead of doing individual wedding favors, guest could get a small pink bag from the candy bar and fill it up with whatever candy they wanted. It was great!

My only regret...I wish I would have had a videographer. There were three songs in my wedding...Jared sang "Be Thou My Vision" as the guests and parents were being seated - I remember this one. Then, as soon as my dad gave me away, he sang Josh Groban's "When you Say You Love Me". I remember small bits of the song, but I was so amazed to be standing there, marrying Brant, that I was lost in my own world with him. I wish I could remember it better.

I remember my horror with the unity candle. It wasn't really horror, and looking back on it, it was kind of funny. The best man and a couple of Brant's groomsmen decided it would be funny to put a sparkler tip on the wick of the unity candle. Needless to say, when we lit the candle, there were some sparks flying!!!

I remember thinking...God sure knew what He was doing. You may remember reading a previous post about how I was not fond of Brant and didn't really want to date him...but God had greater plans!

But all together, I remember the happiest day of my life (thus far.) I remember being completely filled with peace and joy, knowing that I was marrying the love of my life.

So what do you remember when you look back on your wedding photos?

Much Love,


McMommy said...

A candy bar??? Yumm!!! That is the best wedding favor I've heard of! I'll have to remember that for my sister's wedding...if she ever makes the leap!

Amanda said...

I remember that you had THE BEST wedding cake of all time.

Caroline said...

oh i just love the pics!!!!!!!!!!!

Janelle & Ella said...

LOVE your pictures!! It was a beautiful day. I'm so glad I got to be apart and see some of the behind the scenes sweetness that took place. :-)

TriciaNae said...

I love this post...and I can't wait to write one of my own (7 months from tomorrow...but who's counting?).

And...we are so doing the candy bar!!!

Erin said...

When I look back on my wedding photos, I remember that that was the day I loved my husband the least! :)

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