Thursday, April 3, 2008

Prayer Request


Thank you so very much for your prayers for Jessica and her family. I saw Jess this weekend, and she seemed to be doing very well. She is no longer in physical pain, and is back at work today. Below is the email I received for her this morning:

The doctor called this morning and gave me my test results. They are calling it Early Pregnancy Failure due to a genetic defect. He said that there is nothing wrong with me or Butch but that our chromosomes just did not match up 100%. He reassured me that this would not affect any future pregnancies and that there is no amount of time that we have to wait to try again…Although that is about the LAST thing on my mind at the moment. There is no infection in my blood and my levels are already down very low, so that is a very good sign.
Butch and I are so thankful for all of your prayers and thoughts. We are doing good and will only get better with each passing day.


I am asking all of you this morning to pray for a very, very dear friend of mine, Jessica. Jess recently found out she and her husband were expecting baby #2 and we so excited about this new addition to their family. Unfortunately, Jessica has miscarried the baby and is at the hospital now. She is in terribly pain and is devastated over the loss of their baby. Please put this family in your prayers this morning.

(this is a picture of Jessica and I at one of my bridal showers)

Much love,


Caroline said...


Caroline said...

any news this afternoon ashley???

Ginger said...

Definitely praying! I know this must be so heartbreaking...

Heidi @ GGIP said...

I just said a prayer for her. That is very very sad.

Rachel Erin said...

I am so sorry Ashley! I will be praying for her!

Linda Darjean said...

Hi Ashley, you may not remember me, but I remember you from DBU (I was Linda Asake at the time I am Lind Darjean now!) . I stumbled across your blog! I was sad to read about Jessica. Thanks for updating. I am glad to hear that she is doing well. The Lord totally used your post to continue to encourage me in my daily life. You see, I had one of those babies that the chromosomes did not match up. The doctors say that most of them miscarry, and only a few.....VERY few of them actually make it full term and my little angel did. She has some complications but is doing well. When I ask the Lord why, and have down days, I think of thinks like this and I am encouraged. At least I have my little Abigail to hold! Anyways, thanks for posting. I have run into Jessica a few random times in the metroplex, it is always good to see her. Hope you are well.

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