Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Sleepless Night

Last night was NO fun!
This baby went missing!

We searched for HOURS! My sister and mom both came to help us look for him, as well as our dear friends the Bennetts! We drove up and down every street calling his name hoping he would come running out, but he never did. We walked through the golf course hoping that maybe he was playing with the ducks, but he wasn't. I went to the elementary and middle schools in our neighborhood thinking that he had gone to meet some new friends, but he hadn't. My cell phone number is on his tags, so we just knew the phone would ring, but it never did.

So last night I went to bed in tears because my baby Dax was missing. Brant and I prayed desperately that someone would find him.

Then this morning around 5:00, my phone rang. It was Caylan from across the street....Lloyd was leaving to go to work and guess who found his way back home and was asleep in my front yard......DAX!

He was soaking wet (because it was drizzling all night long), thirsty and exhausted, but he was home! So we dried him off, gave him some food and water, then all curled up together right here!

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TriciaNae said...

Oh my gosh...I would have been a complete mess!! The other day the maintenance men in our building had to come change a filter or something...and when they left...I couldn't find Aslan ANYWHERE. I was call his name, crawling on the floor to look under furniture. I was terrified he had gotten outside. I call my mom crying...LOL. Turns out...he was just afraid of the men...and had hidden behind the fridge. Being a pet-mommy is HARDWORK sometimes. Glad he is back home and safe!!

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