Monday, December 14, 2009


Well Brant's birthday was the day before Thanksgiving and all he wanted was the Beatles Rock that's exactly what he got! We had so much fun all day long pretending that we were the Beatles!!!! Here are a few pictures from our debut performance!

This is Brant's nephew, Aeson. He had quite a performance himself on the guitar!

Brant's sister Kristie and mom, Judy. I just love my in-laws!

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving! I made my first turkey - IN THE CROCKPOT!!! I actually just did a turkey breast because there were only 5 adults, and it really turned out GREAT! It was so easy, and was DELICIOUS!

Here is a picture of our table - full of tasty food!

One of my favorite desserts is my mom's pumpkin roll, so she gave me the recipe and it turned out perfect!

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Melissa said...

That pumpkin roll looks delicious!!!

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