Thursday, March 24, 2011

Play Ball

You definitely know Spring is here when balls start flying...baseballs that is! There are few things my husband is more passionate about than baseball! He loves it and he loves the fact that his job includes it. Part of his responsibilities at DBU is to manage and maintain all sport fields, including the baseball field. It also requires that he attend all of the home games, which really doesn't seem to bother him the least! I'm really looking forward to taking Emmalee Caroline to a few home games once she arrives.

Tuesday night, DBU was playing Texas Tech. We were up 5 to 0 through the 6th inning, but Texas came back. Although we lost by 1, it was still a great and exciting game.

Here are just a few pictures that I snapped while I was there.

Brant was getting some extra baby practice with Gage. How stinkin' cute is this kid???

I have to tell you that this is one of my favorite pictures of Brant. Don't ever come between this man and his field.
Cleaning up after the game.

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Tricia Nae said...

I have NEVER gone to a dbu baseball game!! Sadness!! Love that second to last's so serious!!

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