Friday, May 27, 2011

All about ME

I saw this yesterday's on Tricia's blog and thought it would be fun to play along. You should too!

I am...Ashley, aka "Ashley Gayle", "Grabbie", "Wages" (my maiden name), 'Momma", and "Babe".

I grow more in love with my Heavenly Father

I have...a beautiful 6 week old daughter, Emmalee Caroline, a fabulous husband and an amazing family.

I wish...that we could afford for me to be a stay at home mom.

I hate...the thought of going back to work in less than 2 weeks.

I fear...tornadoes, snakes and spiders.

I hear...the TV and sweet sleeping baby on my shoulder.

I for part-time jobs or jobs that will let me be at home more with Emmalee.

I wonder...what my sweet daughter will grow up to be.

I regret...being in college before I discovered what it meant to have a true relationship with my Savior.

I family, my Savior, chocolate, shopping, scrapbooking, reading and playing the piano.

I watch every moment of my child's life. I fear that she will grow up way too soon.

I always...wear my seatbelt.

I before I go to bed.

I am not...looking forward to a hot Texas summer.

I dance...with Emmalee. She loves it!

I Emmalee almost every day. Brant and I made up a song just for her and I used to sing it to her while I was still pregnant.

I never...want to forget this time I've had at home with Emmalee...some of the sweetest days of my life.

I sometimes...think about what life would be like if I won the lottery (which I don't even play!)

I cry...when my heart is hurt or overjoyed....I cried ALOT when I was pregnant.

I am not always...patient.

I sunglasses all the time! I never remember where I put them!

I am confused...about the future. Is my job secure; will we ever afford for me to stay home; am I a good mother...

I lose the last 15 pounds I have left over from pregnancy!

I should...go to bed!

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