Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Life of a Homeowner

I love our home! Its a great size for us, its warm and cozy, in a great location and is simply perfect for our family. But any homeowner knows that things can always go wrong.

Awhile ago, the light burnt out on our garage door opener so Brant tried to fix it the other day. Well something went wrong and wires got moved around. When we tried to turn the light on, it blew a fuse and fried the opener motor. So we ended up having to get a whole new opener. Luckily, my husband and his dear friend, Derek, were able to install it.
Then today, I was washing dishes and a puddle of water began to pool at my feet. So I called for Brant. He discovered a nice hole in our garbage disposal. So it has to be replaced as well. Right now, I have a big blue bowl catching the water draining out everytime the water the water is run in the kitchen sink. This week it just seems like one home expense after another.

However, life is still sweet (no matter how many catastrophes you have) when you have a sweet baby girl this precious!

Today my nephew Connor had a field trip that Sister chaperoned. While she was gone, cousin Ethan came to play. He loves Emmalee. He kept kissing her on the head and laying down beside her to play. Emmalee is one loved little girl!

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