Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Day of Firsts

Today was Emmalee's 4 month checkup. Dr. Hull, our pediatrician, said she has hit every milestone she is supposed to, so she is right on track with her development.

Dr. Hull asked me if we had an excersaucer and I said yes, but we hadn't put Em in it yet. She said we should try letting her sit in it because she thought the colors and toys would really stimulate and capture her attention. So as soon as we got home, this momma went to work setting up the Baby Einstein Activity Jumper...and this little girl loved it!

At first she just studied all the "stuff."

But as soon as she realized all of these toys were her "friends," she was thrilled! She just laughed and played.

She started "talking" to all of her new friends. It was so stinkin' cute!

Dr. Hull also said we could start eating cereal. The past week or so, I think Em has definitely figured out what "food" is. Every time Brant and I sit down to eat she just stares at our food. Last night Brant went to got us a banana fudge sundae. As soon as he handed it to me, Em's eyes got huge and she started grabbing for it. How in the world does my 4 month old know how delicious a sundae is? Oh well, I was just thrilled we got the ok to begin solids.

Here goes nothing!

Getting ready for our first bite!

One full and happy girl!

It seems like Emmalee is doing something new every day. I am really loving this age and watching her develop more and more.

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